Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gardening. . .

It might appear that I have been quite deep in thoughts lately. Money thoughts that includes looking at sales ads and comparing them to the coupons I clip every Sunday to save us money while planning a well thought out grocery list to accommodate our weekly menu. And as I plan the menu, I get more and more annoyed at how even though I am planning well to go the store, I am still unhappy with the quality of food that I am bringing home to feed our bodies. Are you serious? To buy organic fruits and vegetables I have to pay nearly DOUBLE the cost?!?!?!? Or to buy organic (hormone/steroid free) chicken I have to pay $5.00 a pound!?!?!? Sigh. What is a middle class, penny pinchin’ woman to do??



I am not an outdoorsy girl. I like to be INSIDE where it is temperature controlled and comfortable. I don’t like to sweat, I don’t like to do that stuff. But, as this summer is approaching and I have a son that will be eating baby food made my his mom in two short months (at least) I want to give him the very best. Is it the pesticide filled veggies? No! So, I have a solution. Step outside.

Dennis and I are going to build boxes and place them around our house and fill them with soil and dirt, and then begin to plant some summer time essentials and some food for Daniel when he is ready to eat real food. I went to the library and checked out like 10 or 15 books on gardening to learn that we are too late to plant seedlings- so we are going to a nursery and buy some already started plants. I know close to ZERO about gardening, I don’t even know proper terminology, but I do know that I am willing to try new things for the betterment of our wallet and for the betterment of our bodies. And hopefully it will loosen some money for the higher priced foods that I cannot raise in my back yard.

Buy a cow? Chicken? Don’t think I have not considered it! ; ) I have thought about it, but let’s not get crazy!

Pictures to come of our gardening extravaganza!!

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Mommy Of 3 said...

You say you have no drive, but I disagree. You are getting ready to do something you know "zero" about. Good for you!!!! I pray it is successful for you and I commend you for making better choices for you and your family. I'm not sure I would do it. As a parent. my deepest annoyances/struggles are taking a task that normally, without kids, takes 20 minutes, but with kids takes 2 hours. Like gardening. You plant a seed in the hot sun, you sweat, you get dirty, you water the seeds, you nurture them, sometimes for weeks, and you wait... wait... wait... for it to grow vs just buying that tomato in the store. You may LOVE gardening. IT may become very therapeutic for you. Let me know how it works out. Maybe you can make extra money by letting me shop at your garden :) LOL!!!! You, Erin, and Ashely are all doing this. MY HEROS. PS. My brother has purchased a share of a cow in Northern, VA. He pays close to $250 a year for the share and then he purchases the milk and cheeses from it. He visits the cow too. He watches how the cow is raised and what it grazes on. If you're interested, I can get some information for you.

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