Wednesday, April 20, 2011

my wishes for him…


I was having a conversation with Daniel today while I was doing some laundry. . . . 




He sat with me while I folded a PILE of Dennis’ whites. I explained to him that he needs to find a good wife that enjoys folding his underwear. You know, when he can actually wear underwear.



He agreed.

and then it hit me. . . . .

I always thought a daddy teaches the boy the essentials about how to be a man and the mommy teaches the daughter how to be a woman. But. . . it hit me that I am teaching my son what he should look for in a wife. I am not saying that I am the perfect wife but I do things the way that I do them because I obviously believe that it’s the best way to do things. (hence, the wife vs. mother-in-law competition)


So, naturally, I want Daniel to be able to come home from work and have a wife there to greet him with a child on her hip, one tugging on her pants, and one in the crib. I want him to be respected and honored. I want him to listen and love his wife as Christ loved the Church.


But until then, I will model for him what it looks like as I labor for and love his daddy.

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mommy of 3 said...

I love that NEW camera, GRAND CANON, and that SWEET baby Daniel. He's getting so big and LOOKS oh so cute in white. What the heck is he wearing. LOL!

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