Tuesday, April 26, 2011

mid day visit.

Today I went by the Roanoke Weiner Stand and got Dennis some lunch to bring by. I usually go by his work once a week or so to see him or eat lunch, etc. with Daniel. We miss him during the day sometimes. I feel fortunate that we can visit him at his job, and that he is not in a new location every hour. IMG_1533

I didn’t take any pictures of our visit, but this is Dennis buckling Daniel back in after we were done.


LATER……………………….. Judy came by to make a meatloaf for tonight’s dinner.


I propped Daniel up in his Bumbo seat so that he could spend some quality time with her while I did a quick run through in the house to get ready for company.

IMG_1538 (2)

In this picture I noticed that Daniel looked a little…. weird. and when I zoomed in……………………..


I noticed he was cross eyed examining this toy! Smile We caught him doing this other day on camera, but I accidentally erased it, so I am glad I got another “cross eyed” shot.

Daniel has been a JOY to be around for the past two weeks. He is able to control his head a lot better, sleeping through the night (8:30 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. and then naps solid until around 10:30 a.m. and is back down for a 3hr+ nap at 1:30)

I wished he didn’t sleep so much, but I am going to enjoy it while I can, I am certain some day I will miss it.

I think that colic is GONE, and that he might have allergies?!?! His little eyes were puffy and red all afternoon.


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Our Family : ) said...

AWW bumbo time already! :) Caleb JUST outgrew his, they are growing so fast, make it stop! I hope baby Daniel feels better.

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