Monday, April 18, 2011

Meeting great grandparents. .

Dennis, Daniel, and I met my aunt Kelly at my grandparents house today for lunch and for them to meet Daniel. It was a nice afternoon.


below is Daniel’s great-great grandmother, Virginia. this is my great grandmother, my father’s grandmother, and my grandfather’s mother. Confused yet?!?!? She just celebrated her 90th birthday.



below is grannma “Sheryll” When Greg & I were kids, we called her Sheryll. We think Daniel will call her grannyshirley! Winking smile Daniel liked her. He would just grin just listening to her talk.


This is Daniel’s great grandfather, my grandfather, my father’s father.


and below is Daniel taking a little break with his dad who fell asleep on the floor. Nice supervision, there Dennis. ;)


They were all getting ready to say goodbye.



This is the view from their front porch. I have MANY MANY MANY childhood memories here.


We also went to visit Grandma Chesnut, but I didn’t get any decent pictures, so I just left them out. Afterwards Dennis and I grabbed some dinner in Clifton and headed home for our nightly routine.

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Mommy Of 3 said...

I love this!!! So sweet and sentimental. I never had major memories of me and grandparents and it was always so important for my children to have them, but they barely do either . Cherish this and be grateful. I am for you and Daniel too!

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