Wednesday, April 6, 2011

its some hard work being me….



sleep. IMG_0357








HARD life I have….


Aaron and Lisa said...

that is one good-looking baby!!

Our Family : ) said...

The things I would do to have one day to lay around like a baby :)

Mommy Of 3 said...

He gave me one of those insanely cute smiles last night. It was a melt my heart smile. So sweet. Hey, being he is so "fussy" in your eyes, would you consider getting him tested for reflux? My stepmom waited 2 months with my sister Salene. She was besides herself. After she put my sister on the medication, she was a perfect angel. Never cried. Poor baby was in pain for two months before things got figured out. Something to consider. I know no mom likes or desires to put their children on medication, but if it doesn't help, he comes off of it. If it changes his entire demeanor, then you know you are providing comfort. Imagine living with reflux and having no form of comfort. In his case, worse, he cannot even tell you he's in pain... if he is.

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