Friday, April 1, 2011

All evidences of…..

a sick day at home. Yes, ME! Not Daniel. but, daniel is having to be patient with his mom. So this is for you non-judgmental people out there.

IMG_0297 the bowl is my tissue trash can. In case you were wondering. IMG_0304 What can I say, my favorite snack. IMG_0308and my favorite drink. I have not had a soft drink in nearly 3 weeks, but I refuse to be this sick and not have some Coke. Thank You Allison for coming over with it, and for rescuing Daniel from his wet diaper.  IMG_0310 And… so we watched movies. . .  IMG_0313  I had my gadgets close at hand. Gas logs remote, and my phone. The ipod is charging. :)IMG_0314 oh yeah, and Daniel. IMG_0315 bed is NOT made. and won't get made. IMG_0320 and my shoes are not in their right place. oh well.  IMG_0323

Today is a sick day. Moms are not supposed to get sick, but I did. And guess what, the house is a disaster, but it will be fine.

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Our Family : ) said...

Glad you are feeling better :) Mommmys don't get sick days, so I'm glad Daniel and Dennis were able to allow you the rest you needed!

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