Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Sneak Peek. . . .



This Friday night I had the privilege of taking Megan’s senior portraits. It was so much fun, and I cannot wait to show the rest when they are finished!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Bethany visits






Wednesday, my sister Bethany came over for a visit, and stayed until Friday afternoon. She and Daniel had some auntie-nephew time. She read to him, and attempted to change one diaper. Smile I had a hard time convincing her to do more.

We had a nice visit together, and I am glad that she stayed with us.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

mid day visit.

Today I went by the Roanoke Weiner Stand and got Dennis some lunch to bring by. I usually go by his work once a week or so to see him or eat lunch, etc. with Daniel. We miss him during the day sometimes. I feel fortunate that we can visit him at his job, and that he is not in a new location every hour. IMG_1533

I didn’t take any pictures of our visit, but this is Dennis buckling Daniel back in after we were done.


LATER……………………….. Judy came by to make a meatloaf for tonight’s dinner.


I propped Daniel up in his Bumbo seat so that he could spend some quality time with her while I did a quick run through in the house to get ready for company.

IMG_1538 (2)

In this picture I noticed that Daniel looked a little…. weird. and when I zoomed in……………………..


I noticed he was cross eyed examining this toy! Smile We caught him doing this other day on camera, but I accidentally erased it, so I am glad I got another “cross eyed” shot.

Daniel has been a JOY to be around for the past two weeks. He is able to control his head a lot better, sleeping through the night (8:30 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. and then naps solid until around 10:30 a.m. and is back down for a 3hr+ nap at 1:30)

I wished he didn’t sleep so much, but I am going to enjoy it while I can, I am certain some day I will miss it.

I think that colic is GONE, and that he might have allergies?!?! His little eyes were puffy and red all afternoon.


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Our Easter Sunday. . .


Dennis’ family came in this weekend to celebrate Easter Sunday with us. After church we all gathered at Paul & Jill’s house for dinner. IMG_1411

Paul is teaching Dennis how to tie a tie after we had a little issue this morning with Dennis’ suit tie not being pre- tied like we thought. It was a good lesson taught by Paul.



And then of course, I had to take some pictures of my newest favorite little person.






Him and his dad sat on the porch and enjoyed the warm Sunday afternoon.


Grandpa Richie had some snuggle time.



Hope you all had a wonderful Ressurection Sunday celebrating our risen Savior!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

my wishes for him…


I was having a conversation with Daniel today while I was doing some laundry. . . . 




He sat with me while I folded a PILE of Dennis’ whites. I explained to him that he needs to find a good wife that enjoys folding his underwear. You know, when he can actually wear underwear.



He agreed.

and then it hit me. . . . .

I always thought a daddy teaches the boy the essentials about how to be a man and the mommy teaches the daughter how to be a woman. But. . . it hit me that I am teaching my son what he should look for in a wife. I am not saying that I am the perfect wife but I do things the way that I do them because I obviously believe that it’s the best way to do things. (hence, the wife vs. mother-in-law competition)


So, naturally, I want Daniel to be able to come home from work and have a wife there to greet him with a child on her hip, one tugging on her pants, and one in the crib. I want him to be respected and honored. I want him to listen and love his wife as Christ loved the Church.


But until then, I will model for him what it looks like as I labor for and love his daddy.

My boys……



These are my boys. My two most favoritest boys ever.


Dennis has been working a weird shift this week. (3am-12pm) so we have seen a lot of ‘daddy’ this week. It’s been a nice change in routine. However, it is really hard to do things around the house when all I want to do is spend time cuddling my man and our little guy.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Sweet Ava




This evening, Dennis and I celebrated with Ava as she turned another year older. We enjoyed some ice cream and spending some time with our church family.


Crystal made this beautiful cake for her birthday! How creative and fun!!


Daniel was happy, and Dennis was too. He likes his banana splits!






I am a little bit in love with Daniel’s face in this picture.








Monday, April 18, 2011

Meeting great grandparents. .

Dennis, Daniel, and I met my aunt Kelly at my grandparents house today for lunch and for them to meet Daniel. It was a nice afternoon.


below is Daniel’s great-great grandmother, Virginia. this is my great grandmother, my father’s grandmother, and my grandfather’s mother. Confused yet?!?!? She just celebrated her 90th birthday.



below is grannma “Sheryll” When Greg & I were kids, we called her Sheryll. We think Daniel will call her grannyshirley! Winking smile Daniel liked her. He would just grin just listening to her talk.


This is Daniel’s great grandfather, my grandfather, my father’s father.


and below is Daniel taking a little break with his dad who fell asleep on the floor. Nice supervision, there Dennis. ;)


They were all getting ready to say goodbye.



This is the view from their front porch. I have MANY MANY MANY childhood memories here.


We also went to visit Grandma Chesnut, but I didn’t get any decent pictures, so I just left them out. Afterwards Dennis and I grabbed some dinner in Clifton and headed home for our nightly routine.

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