Sunday, March 20, 2011

2 months old!!

This post is in celebration for Daniel's 2 month birthday. As you can see, the milestone this month is a SMILIN baby!!! :)



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Our baby in TWO words: Sweet & Unpredictable.

  • Weight: 10+ pounds.
  • Approx: Sleeping patterns: changes nearly every day. Every time I got to write it out, it changes that very night.
  • Will sleep in his crib for the first part of the night. Or sometimes not at all. ;) (and ends up in between us, or in my arms for the duration)
    • takes a morning nap in his crib (sometimes, if he does not wake up when I transfer him from my lap, from the swing, etc) Has been known to actually fall asleep and stay asleep in there. But, hey, let's not count on it just yet.
    • Will sit in his swing while I get things done.

Nursing progress: takes him about 20-25 minutes to eat.

  • eats well.
  • burps easily
  • spits up frequently. I constantly smell like spit up.
  • nurses at night in our bed for his night time feedings.
  • keeps his foot crookd in a weird way all the time. When I go to straighten it out, he pops it right back in place.

Things I have noticed or learned (personality):

  • has big "grins" more frequently
  • likes to cuddle
  • likes his "Mammy" a lot. When she is around he just grins so big.
  • stares at the fans and dark big objects for a long time.
  • becoming more independent. (Will sit alone for longer periods of time)
  • usually wants to eat during church after praise and worship is over.
  • seems pretty content overall.

I would say that we have a 'good' baby.

I take him for his 2month checkup next Friday, I will update then with height, weight, etc.

We are really starting to enjoy and learn more about Daniel. He seems to have a pretty calm personality, but he does have his feisty times, usually around when Dennis comes home….



mommy of 3 said...

He is DENNIS 100%. Sorry! No momma genes.

Marti said...

Shannon and Dennis, thank you both so much for bring Daniel to siblings night. We all enjoyed holding and loving him and listening to him coo and of course, that beautiful smile is so precious too!! Love you!!

Lana said...

And his "Mammy" thinks he is a pretty cool little man and Loves Him So Much and enjoys watching him "Flex" his foot upward :))) I think he is Pretty! lets work on my name???

Our Family : ) said...

I repeat what Kristin said! You will get sooo tired of hearing that! I hear it about Cohen and Zach ALLLLL the time. Oh well, maybe they will get our sweet personalities ; ) He is just adorable!

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