Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Daniel & his MammyLanny



This is Daniel and his MammyLanny. Heehee. They have a special relationship. She can calm his storms. This is right in the middle of his normal time for his colic bouts. But not today! MammyLanny showed up!!! :D

For those of you that do not know, my mom's name is Lana, and we want Daniel to call her Mammy. So, I think I like MammyLanny. lol. We will see what Daniel has in mind, but I happen to think it has a pretty good ring to it.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

there's more



So, I announce that I am among the broods of mothers that has a colicky baby and then I don't elaborate. Well, I feel the need. So I will.

I wished that I could get in the mind of my seemingly suffering babe. "WHY are you crying?!?!" I often find myself asking him like he is going to spit out this response something like:

 "Well, mom, for a number of reasons. My belly hurts, the inside of my ear itches and I can't seem to come up with enough motor skills to scratch it, so I just cry. Also, my leg has fallen asleep and it feels really weird and there is also nothing I can do about it. So I cry. And by the way, when you put my diaper on earlier you didn't completely pull out all the ruffles around the leg, and it is sort of digging in and it's uncomfortable. On top of that, I am really upset about all of this, and you just assume I am tired and lay me down to go to sleep. I can't possibly sleep with all of this going on. That's what is wrong. Thanks for asking."

So, as in all things with life, when we don't know what to do, we often look in Scripture for guidance. I have not found anything that deals with a crying baby specifically. I have however been reminded that children are a gift from God. He treasures them. I do treasure my little boy, but I am at a loss as to how to calm him. So, I pray with him before I lay him in bed at night that God would protect him as he sleeps and comfort him in his absence from me while I sleep in my bed. Does it help? I am convinced it does.

A rare moment around here lately…


IMG_0252I think I can say with 100% confidence that our baby has colic. I know, I know, it does not look like it here, but he does. I have been in owning-a-baby-with-colic denial. . but I am ready to acknowledge the reality of my life right now. I have just about gone bonkers especially the past two days. But, just when I thought I couldn't take it any longer, our little stinker comes up with this little smile. It rejuvenated me to keep on keeping on.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Second Cousins…

We went to visit my uncle Darren and his wife Cathy on Saturday. We had a really enjoyable dinner and conversation and then went to see their home for the first time since they have lived there. It was a nice evening. Just a couple of shots with Ashtyn and Madison! :) My waayyy younger cousins.

IMG_0146 IMG_0150

……. jus so ya know, these pictures are driving me crazy, but that's okay because I am still getting used to my new camera. They will get better promise……….

Small Birthday Celebration for Lilah & Jax

Every other Friday night Dennis and I get together with our small group. It is pretty crazy because between the 7 couples that are in our group, we have 14 children between us!!!! Anyway….….. we go over the previous weeks sermon and discuss ways to apply it to our daily lives. This last Friday after that was over, we had a little mini celebration for Lilah and Jax.  They turned two!! Be on the lookout for the real birthday bash pictures on the WithHisLight blog after next week. But no worries, I will let you know when they are up!!

IMG_0021 IMG_0024

I am loving this little conversation between Kate and Lisa. Look serious!!!

IMG_0034 IMG_0045 IMG_0047 IMG_0052


Meet Grand Canon!



For some time I have been mentally cheating on Mr. Canon with this new Canon 5D Mark II. And, this cheating has caused a divorce and I have since remarried. Friday was our wedding day. And Mr. Canon will be in the arms of his new wife soon enough. :) (Tabby is the new wife! lol) and as it is in any new marriage there will be an adjustment period. It will take me some time to get to know this new mate, but I have all confidence that we will be one in no time!!! Welcome to the family Grand Canon.

(Thanks to Kristin for the VERY VERY clever name!) I was trying to think of a name since I named my Rebel. And I was going towards Grandaddy Canon- - because this camera is like the wise old man of cameras, but I TOTALLY like Grand Canon better. Get it Grand Canon, like Grand Canyon, heehee snort snort!! :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

2 month appointment


IMG_0431 IMG_0432


Daniel had his 2 month check up today! We learned that is he is now 22 inches long (20 in at birth) and now 11.4 pounds!!! (from his lowest weight of 6.4Ibs!) We are grateful that I have been able to breastfeed him so successfully. He had a little bit of a "off" day. Sort of fussy and a temperature because of his shots. We had a great check up. Our baby is doing great.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Separation between family and business


Hey friends.

You might have noticed that the blog looks a little bit different. I have separated our family life from the photography business aspect of this blog. I felt like it was confusing for my "clients" and their families when they come to the blog expecting to see professional looking photography of their families and instead see a little baby with a snotty face taken with a point and shoot camera. :) So, to makes things easier for them, I have created a new blog for the photography business. This will be the new home for all new photos as well. Don't worry. I will be sure to let all of my faithful "The Maggi Two" readers know when to head on over to to see photos. AND…. if you had photos taken by me in this past year, you can probably find them there as well a lot easier than trying to find it on here.

Also, as a new mom, I find myself wanting to talk about mommyhood, and the Biblical aspects of this new ministry I have began with Daniel, and for whatever reason, I felt restricted doing that. I will probably continue to post pictures from shoots that I REALLY like, so there will still be pretty pictures on here from time to time.

Speaking of pretty pictures, I am starting a new photography season. I am currently asking all families that are thinking about getting their family portraits taken either next month, or next fall, to PLEASE go ahead and get this down in my calendar. It broke my heart to turn people away because they waited last minute. You can find my new prices, etc at

Hope that you all are having a great day, and I look forward to new freedom I have in writing on this blog! :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

2 months old!!

This post is in celebration for Daniel's 2 month birthday. As you can see, the milestone this month is a SMILIN baby!!! :)



IMG_0413  IMG_0417

 IMG_0418  IMG_0420




Our baby in TWO words: Sweet & Unpredictable.

  • Weight: 10+ pounds.
  • Approx: Sleeping patterns: changes nearly every day. Every time I got to write it out, it changes that very night.
  • Will sleep in his crib for the first part of the night. Or sometimes not at all. ;) (and ends up in between us, or in my arms for the duration)
    • takes a morning nap in his crib (sometimes, if he does not wake up when I transfer him from my lap, from the swing, etc) Has been known to actually fall asleep and stay asleep in there. But, hey, let's not count on it just yet.
    • Will sit in his swing while I get things done.

Nursing progress: takes him about 20-25 minutes to eat.

  • eats well.
  • burps easily
  • spits up frequently. I constantly smell like spit up.
  • nurses at night in our bed for his night time feedings.
  • keeps his foot crookd in a weird way all the time. When I go to straighten it out, he pops it right back in place.

Things I have noticed or learned (personality):

  • has big "grins" more frequently
  • likes to cuddle
  • likes his "Mammy" a lot. When she is around he just grins so big.
  • stares at the fans and dark big objects for a long time.
  • becoming more independent. (Will sit alone for longer periods of time)
  • usually wants to eat during church after praise and worship is over.
  • seems pretty content overall.

I would say that we have a 'good' baby.

I take him for his 2month checkup next Friday, I will update then with height, weight, etc.

We are really starting to enjoy and learn more about Daniel. He seems to have a pretty calm personality, but he does have his feisty times, usually around when Dennis comes home….


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Daniels Infant Photos


birth annoucemen

I was able to take some photos of Daniel that I was hoping to look somewhat "professional" to have placed mounted on the wall of his room. Although, I do not feel I captured "the picture" to be placed there in this set of photos, I would like to go ahead and share what I did capture. Also, enjoy some photo bloopers we experienced while trying.

 IMG_8810 IMG_8836 IMG_8868 IMG_8904 IMG_8938 IMG_8954  IMG_9013 (2) IMG_9033 IMG_9001 (2)







No one said photography was seamless!!!!

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