Sunday, February 6, 2011

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We have nothing short of precious on our hands.

I do apologize (sort of) for not being more diligent to update the blog about our progress, but I have been trying to get this mom thing down, and I have been far too sleepy/busy to really care. Sorry!! But lucky for you all, this is sort of how I am going to record his life and milestones, so for MY sake, I am feeling obligated to update. :)


Daniel has recently decided he hates his crib. and his bassinet. So, he has been sleeping in our bed in between Dennis and I. Believe me, this is one of them things that I said that I would never do, and guess what? I am having to eat my words in the first three weeks! Go figure! :) I tried to let him "cry it out" and we were up all night long practically. Well, until I placed him in our bed and he went from a loud wail to a quiet CONKED out baby, in literally seconds. We definitely have a snuggle bugg on our hands!


Otherwise, he sleeps really great throughout the day. He will eat, and then sleep. We have a few sporadic times of alertness. His weight gain is good. We are up to 7 pounds and 4 or 6 ounces as of this last Friday at his second pediatrician appointment. He is in perfect health, and we are so thankful!


We are doing pretty good with the nursing thing. I am pretty dedicated to it even though we are continuing to have some hiccups with it. Dennis' family was in from Thursday to this morning and I chose to give him more breast milk bottles and that does tend to confuse him and aid in his laziness while eating. It was probably a poor choice on my part, but I joke with friends that we are in survival mode and I am doing all I know to do. This is way harder than I thought, but he is growing, happy, and that is all that I care about.


I am doing pretty good, too. I have a great helper as a husband and we are doing this together. I take the night shift during the weeknights and Dennis is pretty gracious during the weekend nights about letting me sleep. (I don't sleep, but it is nice to not have to get out of the bed) I have not forgotten labor, or these last couple of weeks, and therefore, all those kids that I said that I wanted is becoming less and less a desire of mine (ours)! :) But, let's check back with me soon and see if I have changed my mind.


Overall, I am loving this sweet face more and more every day and we are slowly slipping into the Maggi Three! :)

Love you all, and keep checking back. I promise to TRY to get more frequent with my posts!


Sarah said...

I love the pictures he is so beautiful. People always told me that God makes Mama's forget labor and the first few weeks so we will have more children. I vowed "I am never doing this again" and though I have not forgotten all the challenges of becoming a mom - b/c I blogged about them, I long for the day when God will allow me to hold another precious blessing from Him. You two are doing a great job...and I think the first year is for "eating" a lot of our words!

Laura said...

wonderful post...he is precious...glad things are good. hope to see you both soon:) Love you guys!

Aaron and Lisa said...

He is so sweet! Glad you are getting settled at home with your new family. We can't wait to get to know him better...I'm sure very soon no one will remember what it was like before he arrived :)
Thanks for sharing the pictures!!

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