Thursday, February 10, 2011

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Sigh. Motherhood.

It has felt like I have fumbled through the ENTIRE process, whether it be nursing, comforting, sleeping routines, figuring out what is wrong, etc. I have talked to many other moms to young children, visited many times with a lactation consultant, been to the pediatrician twice, read books, read blogs, googled, etc. It is a HUGE responsibility being a mom, and FIRST time mom is even harder!!

Sigh. I finally feel like, 25 days later, that I can take a breath.

To sum up sort of where we have come from:

Daniel has had bad gas for two or three days, and has been fussy, angry, and only quiet when in my arms. To get anything done I have had to carry him around in a BabyGo (front carrier backpack thing) that a good friend purchased for us. He has been in my arms at night, or in between us. It has been very frustrating. Well, until I discovered Mylicon drops. :)

I dropped him off with Jody for a couple hours yesterday afternoon to get away and run a few errands, and bought him the drops. Picked him up, gave them to him, and we had a totally different baby… more like the Daniel we met when he came out. Hallalujah! I was starting to worry this was his new personality. So, we have been making sure he gets a dosage before every feeding.

Speaking of feeding, I was trying DESPERATELY to keep him on a schedule. Deep down my motherly instinct knew that I just needed to submit to the needs of my baby, but instead I was trying to conform to a book, or idea about scheduling, etc. Well, it does not work. So, I have pretty much just decided to feed him on demand, whenever he wants to eat, for however long, and pray that God has orchestrated his body and my body to work in harmony as far as supply and demand goes.

And….. the result…….coincidence or not, I will take it…….

Daniel SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT FOR THE FIRST TIME………. last night at 3 weeks and 3 days old!

Don't think that I am expecting this tonight or even again anytime soon, but MAN it was a REAL treat and gift.

As far as a schedule: we do have one, or well, I am trying to implement something sort of close.

6:00-7:00a.m. he normally wakes to eat his early morning feeding.

7:30-9:30- we nap together in bed.

9:30-1:30- we spend the time together playing, singing, reading,  eating (lunch for both of us) and tv watching on the couch (its our mommy and son time)

1:30-2:30- His crib music alone time. (if he allows it) My time to shower, pick up, blog, house clean.

then we just hang out together the rest of the afternoon.

5:45- Daddy comes home

9:00- bath time

10:30- his "bed" time (we lay him in his bassinet in his bedroom to chill out so that Dennis and I get some "alone" time…. to watch the news, etc. :)

anyway, that is us right now. :)


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