Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy 1 month Birthday, Daniel





This post is in celebration for Daniel's 1 month birthday.

He was born January 17, 2011 and in just one short month we have been through so much and have made some encouraging progress together.

Our baby in ONE word: Needy.

  • Weight: 8 pounds.
  • Sleeping patterns: 12a, 3:30a, 6:00ish, 9:30a, 1:00p, 3:30, 6:30, 8:30, 10pm.
    • Does not want to sleep by himself. HAS to be in my arms.
    • naps for short periods of time in his bassinet/crib but not for very long
    • sleeps in between us in bed at night.
    • Likes to be carried around in his BabyGo (backpack) while I clean and cook
  • Nursing progress: takes him about 20-25 minutes to eat.
    • does not like to be burped
    • spits up a little bit, not bad at all.
    • has bad gas that keeps him uncomfortable so we give him Gripe water before EVERY feeding, and Mylicon drops, too.
    • he makes a lot of noise when he eats
    • always spits up on the second round of burps
    • does NOT like cold milk
    • gets mad when he is hungry, and pulls his ear, grunts, roots, and "fights"
    • he squeals when I burp him.
  • Things I have noticed or learned:
    • has big "grins
    • giving him a bath BEFORE feeding him helps get him to sleep
    • he likes to go go go go. He seems fussier when at home.
    • likes a bath
    • does not mind being changed
    • unaffected by music.
    • we have "bad" times in the afternoon and at night before bed at 10:00p.m.
    • likes his car seat.
    • likes his hands by his face always.
    • has big blue eyes and can focus much better.
    • has met most of the family, but not all.
    • Still in newborn clothes
    • still in size Newborn diapers.
    • has my eye shape and color that I had as a baby.
  • I will add as I think of more for my records and benefit

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Our Family : ) said...

happy birthday sweet sweet boy :) thank you for hosting a sleepover for your buddy caleb


we love you!

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