Monday, February 28, 2011

Daniel is sick! :(

***** UPDATE*****

Daniel went to the dr. yesterday and we left with encouraging news!! Daniels ears are clearing up and according to Dr. D, Daniel was one of the best cases of RSV he has ever seen for a baby his age. A lot of babies at 6 weeks old end up being hospitalized for a few days, but not our Daniel!! We praise God for his healing hands and for many of you that took time to pray for him. Thank You! We know that your prayers were heard! :)

IMG_90478 IMG_9050

Are you all digging the battle womb from the Dr.s office today?!?

Daniel has been kind of snotty the past two days, but other than that seemingly feeling good, I thought. This morning I woke up and realized immediately that we had a sick baby on our hands.

I pondered whether I was being a paranoid first time momma by wanting to take him to the doctor so soon and I waited for approximately 15 minutes before I did not care if I was being paranoid, I was going to take him the the dr.

They got me in today at 2:40.

Dr. Cummings checked him out and noticed immediately that he had a double ear infection.

She did a swab to test him for the flu, which came back negative. Then she ordered blood to be drawn to check for RSV (Respiratory syncytial virus) which he has! :(

So, needless to say, our little boy is not feeling good. I pray that this is not the first of a long line of issues that he will have in the breathing department.

He does not have a fever and he acts like he is fine. Just as snuggly as ever! :) So, we go back to the doctor on Wednesday and I would not be surprised if they made me come back again on Friday! I don't care, I just want him to be feeling better!

Will update soon!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Picture Story
















Finally Sleep


And play


In his crib






Silly Mom


In His Face!!


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Daniel's first sleep over



Last night Daniel welcomed a good friend over to spend the night. This is Caleb. He was born 8 weeks before Daniel and we hope that they really will be great friends one day! It was an adventure having two babies here, but I gained the confidence to know that having two small children here is doable. Thanks Ashely for loaning your little guy to us last night. 

Happy 1 month Birthday, Daniel





This post is in celebration for Daniel's 1 month birthday.

He was born January 17, 2011 and in just one short month we have been through so much and have made some encouraging progress together.

Our baby in ONE word: Needy.

  • Weight: 8 pounds.
  • Sleeping patterns: 12a, 3:30a, 6:00ish, 9:30a, 1:00p, 3:30, 6:30, 8:30, 10pm.
    • Does not want to sleep by himself. HAS to be in my arms.
    • naps for short periods of time in his bassinet/crib but not for very long
    • sleeps in between us in bed at night.
    • Likes to be carried around in his BabyGo (backpack) while I clean and cook
  • Nursing progress: takes him about 20-25 minutes to eat.
    • does not like to be burped
    • spits up a little bit, not bad at all.
    • has bad gas that keeps him uncomfortable so we give him Gripe water before EVERY feeding, and Mylicon drops, too.
    • he makes a lot of noise when he eats
    • always spits up on the second round of burps
    • does NOT like cold milk
    • gets mad when he is hungry, and pulls his ear, grunts, roots, and "fights"
    • he squeals when I burp him.
  • Things I have noticed or learned:
    • has big "grins
    • giving him a bath BEFORE feeding him helps get him to sleep
    • he likes to go go go go. He seems fussier when at home.
    • likes a bath
    • does not mind being changed
    • unaffected by music.
    • we have "bad" times in the afternoon and at night before bed at 10:00p.m.
    • likes his car seat.
    • likes his hands by his face always.
    • has big blue eyes and can focus much better.
    • has met most of the family, but not all.
    • Still in newborn clothes
    • still in size Newborn diapers.
    • has my eye shape and color that I had as a baby.
  • I will add as I think of more for my records and benefit

Friday, February 11, 2011

Birthday Girls at Outback

 We celebrated Erin's, Dawns, and Kristin's birthday last night at Outback. We always celebrate the birthdays of the ladies in our small group about every other month. It is also a nice excuse to have some quality girl time without hubbies or babies. :) We always have a wonderful time and I am so thankful for these women actively involved in my life. Thanks ladies for being my sisters!

If you are wondering what they are looking at: we brought old (BAD) pictures of us from our childhood, so we had a great time laughing and making fun of everyone's hair styles and clothes. It was a fun time during dinner.


Sorry for the blurry photo, but I wanted to capture the three of us at dinner. IMG_0323Jody struck a pose for me! How sweet of her. 


Happy Birthday Girls! (party favors compliments of Kristin! :)IMG_0332

Thursday, February 10, 2011

HAHA, I tricked ya!!!!



Daniel and I have been busy cleaning together. He has been in his backpack. Then, it hit me. TRICK HIM!

So, I unstrapped him and sat him in the crib just like so, and he is still there… none the wiser he is not cleaning with mommy anymore.


or wait, are those cries that I hear?!?!


Something worth blogging about…



Sigh. Motherhood.

It has felt like I have fumbled through the ENTIRE process, whether it be nursing, comforting, sleeping routines, figuring out what is wrong, etc. I have talked to many other moms to young children, visited many times with a lactation consultant, been to the pediatrician twice, read books, read blogs, googled, etc. It is a HUGE responsibility being a mom, and FIRST time mom is even harder!!

Sigh. I finally feel like, 25 days later, that I can take a breath.

To sum up sort of where we have come from:

Daniel has had bad gas for two or three days, and has been fussy, angry, and only quiet when in my arms. To get anything done I have had to carry him around in a BabyGo (front carrier backpack thing) that a good friend purchased for us. He has been in my arms at night, or in between us. It has been very frustrating. Well, until I discovered Mylicon drops. :)

I dropped him off with Jody for a couple hours yesterday afternoon to get away and run a few errands, and bought him the drops. Picked him up, gave them to him, and we had a totally different baby… more like the Daniel we met when he came out. Hallalujah! I was starting to worry this was his new personality. So, we have been making sure he gets a dosage before every feeding.

Speaking of feeding, I was trying DESPERATELY to keep him on a schedule. Deep down my motherly instinct knew that I just needed to submit to the needs of my baby, but instead I was trying to conform to a book, or idea about scheduling, etc. Well, it does not work. So, I have pretty much just decided to feed him on demand, whenever he wants to eat, for however long, and pray that God has orchestrated his body and my body to work in harmony as far as supply and demand goes.

And….. the result…….coincidence or not, I will take it…….

Daniel SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT FOR THE FIRST TIME………. last night at 3 weeks and 3 days old!

Don't think that I am expecting this tonight or even again anytime soon, but MAN it was a REAL treat and gift.

As far as a schedule: we do have one, or well, I am trying to implement something sort of close.

6:00-7:00a.m. he normally wakes to eat his early morning feeding.

7:30-9:30- we nap together in bed.

9:30-1:30- we spend the time together playing, singing, reading,  eating (lunch for both of us) and tv watching on the couch (its our mommy and son time)

1:30-2:30- His crib music alone time. (if he allows it) My time to shower, pick up, blog, house clean.

then we just hang out together the rest of the afternoon.

5:45- Daddy comes home

9:00- bath time

10:30- his "bed" time (we lay him in his bassinet in his bedroom to chill out so that Dennis and I get some "alone" time…. to watch the news, etc. :)

anyway, that is us right now. :)


Monday, February 7, 2011

Grandma & Grandpa Maggi meet Daniel

 Dennis' parents came in this past Thursday and stayed until Sunday morning. They came to meet our baby boy, their 7th grandchild. It was an enjoyable weekend. Enjoy photos from our weekend.

IMG_0289 IMG_0296 IMG_0298

IMG_0306 IMG_0270 IMG_0273 IMG_0275

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Untitled because I think there is no good title…



We have nothing short of precious on our hands.

I do apologize (sort of) for not being more diligent to update the blog about our progress, but I have been trying to get this mom thing down, and I have been far too sleepy/busy to really care. Sorry!! But lucky for you all, this is sort of how I am going to record his life and milestones, so for MY sake, I am feeling obligated to update. :)


Daniel has recently decided he hates his crib. and his bassinet. So, he has been sleeping in our bed in between Dennis and I. Believe me, this is one of them things that I said that I would never do, and guess what? I am having to eat my words in the first three weeks! Go figure! :) I tried to let him "cry it out" and we were up all night long practically. Well, until I placed him in our bed and he went from a loud wail to a quiet CONKED out baby, in literally seconds. We definitely have a snuggle bugg on our hands!


Otherwise, he sleeps really great throughout the day. He will eat, and then sleep. We have a few sporadic times of alertness. His weight gain is good. We are up to 7 pounds and 4 or 6 ounces as of this last Friday at his second pediatrician appointment. He is in perfect health, and we are so thankful!


We are doing pretty good with the nursing thing. I am pretty dedicated to it even though we are continuing to have some hiccups with it. Dennis' family was in from Thursday to this morning and I chose to give him more breast milk bottles and that does tend to confuse him and aid in his laziness while eating. It was probably a poor choice on my part, but I joke with friends that we are in survival mode and I am doing all I know to do. This is way harder than I thought, but he is growing, happy, and that is all that I care about.


I am doing pretty good, too. I have a great helper as a husband and we are doing this together. I take the night shift during the weeknights and Dennis is pretty gracious during the weekend nights about letting me sleep. (I don't sleep, but it is nice to not have to get out of the bed) I have not forgotten labor, or these last couple of weeks, and therefore, all those kids that I said that I wanted is becoming less and less a desire of mine (ours)! :) But, let's check back with me soon and see if I have changed my mind.


Overall, I am loving this sweet face more and more every day and we are slowly slipping into the Maggi Three! :)

Love you all, and keep checking back. I promise to TRY to get more frequent with my posts!

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