Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lessons I have learned in homemaking..


I was recently asked (more than once) what I do in the day since I am a stay at home "mom" but don't have the product that makes me a "mom" here yet. :) Well, I do stay "busy" but I have learned a couple of tricks that help me not slip into the terrible "I will get to it tomorrow" mentality. I wanted to share my tips with you that keep me motivated (most of the time)

Lesson #1- Make the bed, FIRST THING.

I have learned that if I get out of bed without making it immediately, then for whatever reason, I can slip into a very real case of the lazy's. The bed always (except for Sundays) gets made, but WHEN I do it has proved to be effective as to how much gets done the REST of the day. So, when I wake, I make the bed. FIRST thing.


Lesson #2- A shower.  the SECOND thing.

I am going to admit that this is often a great idea, BUT, it most of the time DOES NOT happen. I shower every day, but again, WHEN this takes place is often a good indicator of how much I can accomplish in an afternoon. I am often tempted to shower last thing before actually GOING somewhere, but since I don't leave the house every day making this a priority after making the bed can get pushed back. BUT, I have learned that it does create a well refreshed, MORE productive wife for the remainder. (By the way, the smaller bottle you see is "Clean & Clear Sensitive" and it does a FABULOUS job removing make-up gently and quick without burning your eyes!.. it's awesome and I love it)


This is a little bit "off topic" but the past two days this animal has been following me around EVERY where I go. NORMALLY, he will just lay in that bed that you see behind him while I clean, work, etc. BUT NOT LATELY. If I get up, he is behind my heels. As you can see, he was in route of following me to the kitchen. He goes to the bathroom with me, the closet, the bedroom, the dining room, EVERYWHERE. I am HOPING this means he 'senses' something is up and I will be going into labor soon! :D


Lesson #3- No (dirty) dishes in the sink.

I have learned that when I wake, if there are (dirty) dishes in the sink even from the previous nights snacks, it creates a lull in me that is indescribable. I avoid the kitchen and do not even want to get started. So, I will be sure that most of everything is clean (even if it is not put away, as you can see) before bed the night before . I cannot stand it to not have dinner dishes clean and up before bed. Just knowing when I wake that most everything is in place is motivation to start fresh that day. I never, and I mean, 99.9% of the time NEVER leave dinner dishes unwashed. If I do, it is because I have cooked something that WILL NOT come out easily, and it is soaking. And I mean TRULY soaking. (I love my mom to death, but she "soaks" everything overnight, even the forks, lol!)


Lesson #4- Laundry

I am a former laundry haterer. :) (Excuse my lovely grammar!) When I had an actual laundry ROOM, I would do laundry, put it on a hanger, and just hang it in the room and let Dennis come back there and use that as his closet. I would keep clothes in the washer and dryer for days and days. (and end up rewashing, etc) I think it was partly due to the fact that I worked, and only had a day to take care of 3-4 or even 5-6 loads of laundry if I was washing towels, sheets, etc. and just despised the task. But, since I have been home during the day, I have learned another little trick.

Do the laundry, and keep up on it. Don't let more than two loads accumulate. So, now, I keep up on it, wash it, fold it/hang it and PUT IT AWAY.


The bottom line is:

The more that I keep up on, the less I want things to accumulate, which keeps my body busy during the day. Don't get me wrong, I am a lazier person by nature because I am not a "high energy" person, but I have to fight slumber and laziness ALL DAY LONG. It is incredibly tempting and enticing to just "sit for awhile" while the time in the day ticks away.

A child will add a little twist in my routine, but I am grateful that God has given me 9 months to be dedicated to homemaking solely so that I can learn a few things before adding an extra spoonful of busy-ness. It's been a peaceful BLISSFUL 9 months, and I am ready for the next chapter.


Lilly's Mom (Desiree) said...

aw thanks for sharing these! i hate laundry too... AND i hate dishes. :)

Mommy Of 3 said...

Enjoy these last few days of freedom girl! Children are a true blessing and I say that with NO FACAD what-so-ever, BUT as soon as your little one enters the world, your lack of "high energy" may just start to surface, just not by choice :)

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