Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy 1 week birthday, Daniel



One week ago today, our baby boy was born. In a week we have learned a lot about him.

We know that:

  • he sleeps soundly; hard to wake up
    • wakes one time during the night: usually between 2:30-3:30 and then not again until after 6. (we are blessed parents and we know it)
    • wakes up with eyes open for about an hour or so at night but otherwise sleeps through most of the day
  • he eats every three hours. some times he wants to eat every two, some times not for four… but he has gotten A LOT better at it.
    • eats 2 or more ounces at each feeding.
    • He was a very sleepy baby at breast, and now he can keep up and stay awake.
    • It takes him about 45 minutes to eat a good meal, and about 10 from the bottle.
    • fights to eat if he gets too hungry.
  • weighs 6 pounds 11 oz after a drop from 6 pounds 4 oz.
  • He is a great burper.
  • he does not spit up.
  • he loves to stretch by extending his hands straight out.
  • he "coos"
  • he takes a pacifier but does not require it to sleep or remain calm
  • he does not mind his diaper being changed
  • loves to be swaddled tight

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