Monday, January 3, 2011

Dear Harper,


IMG_0063 You have been our sweet sweet puppy dog for the past 6 years. You have been loyal, loving, and at times, annoying and loud. We love you very much. But something really strange is about to happen to you. Even stranger than the time that we brought that cat home. Something much more special to us is going to be coming home with us. His name is Daniel. He will be more important than you, and you will have to learn to share us with him. We will probably forget to feed you for the better part of the week when he gets here. There might even be times when we choose to buy diapers for him instead of food for you. Don't be jealous.

IMG_0064You will probably be shoo'd away, fussed at, and disciplined for putting your dirty face in his face, or trying to get his attention with your sharp paws. Don't make that mistake, it will be the end of your life. Trust me. You have not met the REAL mother in me until you mess with my baby. I don't care if it is rooted out of curiosity and the lack of you knowing better because you are just a dog. Oh, and another thing, don't you dare open that yapper while he is sleeping. I don't care who might be in our driveway. You got this?!?!? IMG_0079

Also, this will probably be the last time I think about you long enough to make an entire post about you. I hope you enjoyed the attention you received while we took pictures of you. Remember that you are the DOG, not a human being. And while you are at it, quit rolling in the dirt. Your white fur is supposed to be WHITE, not a weird shade of orange, because it is entirely possible you may not get bathed again, either. :)


Mom & Dad


Mommy Of 3 said...

Poor doggy. I hate to agree, but your post was the most appropriate post EVER since I've read your blog. Okay, maybe not ever, but it is so true. Your dog because just that... a dog to you once children fill your home. How exciting that you too now get to look at your dog as an animal and not the focal point of your life.

Kathleen said...

When we first brought Charlotte home and she would wake up every three hours in the middle of the night, Simon would just peer at us from his bed as if to say, "Really? You know what you would do if I did this?" Then, he started sleeping on her rug for the first half of the night, coming to his bed for the second half. It was very sweet - they have a love-hate relationship right now. :)

Sarah said...

I still love Isabelle with an intensity that is just not normal. I love Cyrus way more, but she still makes my heart flutter. She is my sweet girl, and I love her so much. She is our family dog, and sometimes I feel guilty that her life is not what it use to be, but I know she is happy. Harper will love Daniel, Harper may want to kiss Daniel - babies are so sweet to kiss, but you will set boundaries and that will be that. Cyrus loves Isabelle - there is nothing like a boy and his dog. I can't say Issy loves Cyrus the same, but she does protect him. There have been moments when I thought you are going to live with John Cannon...that is our version of you are going to live on a farm. But then I remember that God has put her in my care, so we work at the family dynamic. FYI I was petrified the night we brought Cyrus home. Issy was all in his business and I just wanted her to leave us alone. The first time I have ever been scared of my dog - she wasnt threatening him at all - she just wanted to smell and love on him, but I was a new mommy and I didn't want that dog near my baby. Ha ha ha. It is so different now. I'll pray that God eases your mind and reminds you to feed Harper.

Erin said...

funny and true!

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