Wednesday, January 5, 2011

38 Weeks


BABY_14If you are confused as to what you are seeing: Let me clear things up: It's our Daniel HOLDING his hands over his ears!!!! :)  (Do you see his little fingers?!?) This picture was snapped of him 22 weeks ago!

So, I had another appointment today. He is quite the comfortable and cozy child in there as he is making good but  not overly speedy progress trying to get out. I am 1cm dilated, and "progressing well." We were able to confirm that he was in fact very much head down, and that he was in fact, still a boy. I was able to see his cute little scrotum once again! :D

I am up to a 17 pound weight gain. I started out at 177 pounds, and weighed in today at 194. I was hoping to sneak out of this pregnancy under a 15 pound weight gain, but I have been eating a lot and often so I am not too shocked! So, once he is out- and all of his contents, and I get to the 6 week post partum mark, I am hoping all of my pregnancy weight is GONE, and that I can concentrate on shedding additional weight that I had BEFORE he took residence inside my body. Serving healthy food is a desire that I have so that means that I will have to practice what I "preach" or eat, same thing! :D 

I am still walking around with a terrible cough. I am noticing some wheezing and trouble taking in a full breath so I will be seeing my normal doctor soon, I hope, to get my asthma under control because I will need all the lung capacity I can get to push this little man out. But other than that, life here is wonderful.

By the way, the house is in complete order. It still needs to be cleaned, as in, dusted, mopped, etc but everything is in place and that causes me great comfort! I plan to tackle that tomorrow, and keep up on it pretty diligently until I finally go into labor. Things are simply working out. Life is good.

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Sarah said...

Cyrus gained some much weight the last few weeks it was insane. I know that from my 39 to 41 week appt he gained over 1.5 lbs...can't remember exactly but they know how to pack it on right before making their debut. Good luck!

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