Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy 1 week birthday, Daniel



One week ago today, our baby boy was born. In a week we have learned a lot about him.

We know that:

  • he sleeps soundly; hard to wake up
    • wakes one time during the night: usually between 2:30-3:30 and then not again until after 6. (we are blessed parents and we know it)
    • wakes up with eyes open for about an hour or so at night but otherwise sleeps through most of the day
  • he eats every three hours. some times he wants to eat every two, some times not for four… but he has gotten A LOT better at it.
    • eats 2 or more ounces at each feeding.
    • He was a very sleepy baby at breast, and now he can keep up and stay awake.
    • It takes him about 45 minutes to eat a good meal, and about 10 from the bottle.
    • fights to eat if he gets too hungry.
  • weighs 6 pounds 11 oz after a drop from 6 pounds 4 oz.
  • He is a great burper.
  • he does not spit up.
  • he loves to stretch by extending his hands straight out.
  • he "coos"
  • he takes a pacifier but does not require it to sleep or remain calm
  • he does not mind his diaper being changed
  • loves to be swaddled tight

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Our Son



Hello friends-

I am sure that many of you are wondering how we are holding up here with being first time parents.

Daniel is our precious little treasure. I cannot imagine life without him already, and he is only 6 days old today! I simply cannot believe that he will be a whole week old tomorrow.

He had his first pediatric appointment this past Friday and we learned that he has dropped nearly 9% of his body weight. :( It was in part due to a misunderstanding on my part about how long I should have been feeding him and in part due to my milk not coming in until Friday late morning. So, we have another appointment scheduled to do a weight check tomorrow (Monday) and then again mid week and then again end of the week to be sure that he is gaining. I am praying that there is some improvement since our visit.


Dennis has been AMAZING at being a new dad. I could nearly start to cry when I think about how blessed I am that God has given me such a wonderful husband and now a wonderful, caring, and fully capable dad. He has been so helpful and encouraging. He goes back to work tomorrow (Monday) and I am already so spoiled, I am wondering how I will do this for 10 hours while he is away.

We have had MANY MANY visitors, and LOTS and LOTS of yummy food brought to us each night. I cannot thank our church family enough for being so gracious with their resources and time to take care of us in this manner.

Physically I am doing much better, but emotionally, I am very tearful. I am just so in love with our new baby, and every little thing touches me to tears. I trust that this will settle down soon.


I know that I have a TON of pictures posted of him sleeping, but really, that is much of what he does all day. As far as how is sleeping and eating at night: since we have some sort of a milk supply in, I am pretty much getting up one LONG time at night. He will wake from anywhere between 2 and 3:30 and it takes me about an hour or more to feed, change, and swaddle him back up. Then he wakes again anywhere from 6:30 to 7:30. Dennis has been taking the late morning turn of entertaining him for a few minutes to allow me to sleep a little longer. I am pleased with his sleeping and eating at night, and it seems to be doable for me during the day, even though I am more tired than usual.

I love him.

Friday, January 21, 2011

I could stay awake….



I could stay awake just to hear you breathing,

watch you smile while you are sleeping, while you are far away and dreaming.

……….. and that I have been doing…………….

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Heading Home...

The day has finally arrived where Dennis and Shannon's dreams of wanting a baby of their own to care for becomes a reality. Both mommy and Daniel will be discharged from the hospital today. Daniel will be introduced to his home, his nursery, and his dog. What will their first night at home be like? We are wishing them all the best. And will hope and pray they can find ways to catch up on their sleep.... some how.

Shannon and Dennis, you are WELL-LOVED. To my knowledge, your family has meals lined up for at least 10 days, if not more. I can just visualize Shannon taking a big "SIGH..." of relief. On tonight's menu - baked spaghetti, salad, bread, and butter finger cake - thanks to Ashely Harris. I also believe she is bringing you some krispy cream donuts and oranges for the morning. Now that's a true friend. You will need those extra calories to fatten up your breast milk for Daniel!!!! And by the way, what time is dinner? I'm hungry.

We love you! This picture makes me smile BIG. I recall a time in your life when you were in my home and you said, "I would give anything to have a baby of my own." You no longer have to want that, you HAVE IT. Praise God!!!!

Love You ALL,
Kristin Bolling

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Daniel Patrick Maggi Has Arrived!!!!

The Lord has blessed the Maggi family. It's crazy how such a tiny miracle can be such a BIG wish come true. Dennis and Shannon are proud to announce the arrival of Daniel Patrick Maggi. Below are his birth stats:

Weight: 7 pounds, 1 ounce
Length: 20 inches long
Time: 2:21 pm

The picture above was taken by Shannon's cell phone. Daniel had just gotten his circumcision, so he was a little uncomfortable/fussy when he moves. Mommy is doing great and Daddy is on cloud 9.

God is so gracious!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Get on the list!!! :D

In preparation for the arrival of Daniel, I am realizing that people want to be informed of the updates of when I go to the hospital, and when he is finally here.

If you want to be added to the:
**cell phone text messaging list (includes picture)
**or have your email temporarily added to the blog update list (it will email you when a post has been made, keeping you from having to visit unnecessarily)

Please email me how you would like to be updated so that I can take care of that before he gets here!!! If you are a facebooker, there will be updates made there as well as the blog. But if you prefer a text message or email, let me know ASAP.

Email at:

What Day Will it Be?


I have found it interesting that as a young woman approaches labor, the question in everyone's eyes remains: What Day Will it Be? Shoot, the question in her own eyes is the same! She wakes every morning and hears the date announced on the news:
Today IS January 13, 2011.

And this young woman thinks: "Will THIS be my son's forever celebrated birthday, will THIS day be the first date written BEFORE the dash on his tombstone when his days are over. I know, how morbid of me to think about his life in that regard especially considering that his before-the-dash-date has not even happened yet. But, will today be the day?

I offer you an opportunity to make a guess by commenting on the blog. But before you make the guess, let me provide you with some information that may/may not help, but I do warn you gentleman readers, SKIP  the next paragraph if you are uninterested in my progress at the Dr. office. :) Jus Sayn'.

  • I have been at 1cm for THREE visits.
  • My actual due date is Sunday, January 16, 2010
  • My cervix is still posterior (facing the back) which SHOULD come forward when active labor begins
  • The baby has NOT dropped.
  • The baby is low, and (head down) which makes no difference in the start of labor, by the way
  • the word "effacement" has not been said, and when asked about, said in reply: "maybe a little."

So, please comment on my blog YOUR educated, or non-educated good feeling in the comment section of my blog. If you are not a blogger, I welcome comments from ALL folks, just leave it "anonymously" and just sign your name to it, so I know who you are.

A prize for being right, you wonder?? Well, you get to meet Daniel on the day you suspect he is born, of course!!!! Duh!!! What better gift could there be?!?! :)

So far:

Ralph said TODAY was the day

Jill Higg says that Saturday, Jan 15th is the day.

I happen to think that Wednesday, Jan 19th is the day (because of a full moon AND I tend to want to submit to my husbands wishes to deliver on a Wednesday)

So, What is your guess?

And while you are at it… how long in inches do you think he will be?

How much will he weigh?

Now for my latest update:


Other than the information you have already read:

I am doing fine emotionally remaining pregnant day after day. I have heard that the last little stretch can be incredibly anxious and nerve racking (sp?) for an expectant mom, not to mention uncomfortable.

I am fine.

I am anxious (not sure what to expect) to meet my son.

I am EXCITED to meet him.

I do realize that he is easier to take care of INSIDE of my body vs. OUT.

I am pretty comfortable. I suffer BIG DEAL  heartburn, but, it's temporary and I have lived so far.

Weight? 177-192.5 (as of my last visit, so my total went DOWN a little, yay!)

Those of you guessing the due date: you should know:

I go back to the Dr. on Wednesday the 19th-  (which is 3 days past due) to do an ultrasound to check his weight (to be sure that he is not too big) check amniotic fluid levels (to be sure that it is still enough) and a non stress test (to be sure that he is thriving in there)

IF all checks out fine on Wednesday we continue to wait.

If we are still waiting by Sunday, Jan 23, 2011 then I will check in to the hospital that evening after dinner or so, and begin the cervix softening phase, and then wake up on Monday, January 24, 2011 and be induced.


I hate that word.

My Dr. does not like to go over a week past the due date.

Honestly, I don't like the thought of more than a week either. BUT, I really don't like the idea of being induced.

Inductions come with complications, higher rate of C-sections, stronger, longer contractions, etc. And it is entirely possible that I call him back and re-evaluate this plan and allow a longer time just in case. . maybe to the 26th? :) What is two more days?

I realize to some it is no big deal, to others it is, but I am hoping the word will be avoided altogether because I am hoping Daniel is READY to come out on his own without medical manipulation or convincing BEFORE the 24th! So don't forget to make your prediction!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Packing the Bag……

Just in case!!! :D


After Dennis' weekly "breakfast date" with himself at Famous Anthony's, we got the bags ready to leave for the hospital. I had planned to do this today anyway, but I will admit that some random little "twinges" got me moving to do it a little more quickly. The twinges are nothing, but the great thing is… we have our things mostly ready to go……. just in case.

If there are any MUST have's that you as a mother needed, or you as a husband could not live without, PLEASE PLEASE email me or comment here to let me know! I need all the suggestions I can get.

Also, we are choosing NOT to take the computer with us to the hospital but we have nominated Kristin Bolling to make our blog posts and facebook updates so that you all can be informed about the details that I won't be able to write about until AFTER the fact, and by then, it's just too late, isn't it?? (Thanks Kristin for being willing!)

I truly don't mean to make my blog boring by writing about all things baby related, but in truth, all things here right now, are in fact, baby related!! So, it's just par for the course.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

38 Weeks


BABY_14If you are confused as to what you are seeing: Let me clear things up: It's our Daniel HOLDING his hands over his ears!!!! :)  (Do you see his little fingers?!?) This picture was snapped of him 22 weeks ago!

So, I had another appointment today. He is quite the comfortable and cozy child in there as he is making good but  not overly speedy progress trying to get out. I am 1cm dilated, and "progressing well." We were able to confirm that he was in fact very much head down, and that he was in fact, still a boy. I was able to see his cute little scrotum once again! :D

I am up to a 17 pound weight gain. I started out at 177 pounds, and weighed in today at 194. I was hoping to sneak out of this pregnancy under a 15 pound weight gain, but I have been eating a lot and often so I am not too shocked! So, once he is out- and all of his contents, and I get to the 6 week post partum mark, I am hoping all of my pregnancy weight is GONE, and that I can concentrate on shedding additional weight that I had BEFORE he took residence inside my body. Serving healthy food is a desire that I have so that means that I will have to practice what I "preach" or eat, same thing! :D 

I am still walking around with a terrible cough. I am noticing some wheezing and trouble taking in a full breath so I will be seeing my normal doctor soon, I hope, to get my asthma under control because I will need all the lung capacity I can get to push this little man out. But other than that, life here is wonderful.

By the way, the house is in complete order. It still needs to be cleaned, as in, dusted, mopped, etc but everything is in place and that causes me great comfort! I plan to tackle that tomorrow, and keep up on it pretty diligently until I finally go into labor. Things are simply working out. Life is good.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lessons I have learned in homemaking..


I was recently asked (more than once) what I do in the day since I am a stay at home "mom" but don't have the product that makes me a "mom" here yet. :) Well, I do stay "busy" but I have learned a couple of tricks that help me not slip into the terrible "I will get to it tomorrow" mentality. I wanted to share my tips with you that keep me motivated (most of the time)

Lesson #1- Make the bed, FIRST THING.

I have learned that if I get out of bed without making it immediately, then for whatever reason, I can slip into a very real case of the lazy's. The bed always (except for Sundays) gets made, but WHEN I do it has proved to be effective as to how much gets done the REST of the day. So, when I wake, I make the bed. FIRST thing.


Lesson #2- A shower.  the SECOND thing.

I am going to admit that this is often a great idea, BUT, it most of the time DOES NOT happen. I shower every day, but again, WHEN this takes place is often a good indicator of how much I can accomplish in an afternoon. I am often tempted to shower last thing before actually GOING somewhere, but since I don't leave the house every day making this a priority after making the bed can get pushed back. BUT, I have learned that it does create a well refreshed, MORE productive wife for the remainder. (By the way, the smaller bottle you see is "Clean & Clear Sensitive" and it does a FABULOUS job removing make-up gently and quick without burning your eyes!.. it's awesome and I love it)


This is a little bit "off topic" but the past two days this animal has been following me around EVERY where I go. NORMALLY, he will just lay in that bed that you see behind him while I clean, work, etc. BUT NOT LATELY. If I get up, he is behind my heels. As you can see, he was in route of following me to the kitchen. He goes to the bathroom with me, the closet, the bedroom, the dining room, EVERYWHERE. I am HOPING this means he 'senses' something is up and I will be going into labor soon! :D


Lesson #3- No (dirty) dishes in the sink.

I have learned that when I wake, if there are (dirty) dishes in the sink even from the previous nights snacks, it creates a lull in me that is indescribable. I avoid the kitchen and do not even want to get started. So, I will be sure that most of everything is clean (even if it is not put away, as you can see) before bed the night before . I cannot stand it to not have dinner dishes clean and up before bed. Just knowing when I wake that most everything is in place is motivation to start fresh that day. I never, and I mean, 99.9% of the time NEVER leave dinner dishes unwashed. If I do, it is because I have cooked something that WILL NOT come out easily, and it is soaking. And I mean TRULY soaking. (I love my mom to death, but she "soaks" everything overnight, even the forks, lol!)


Lesson #4- Laundry

I am a former laundry haterer. :) (Excuse my lovely grammar!) When I had an actual laundry ROOM, I would do laundry, put it on a hanger, and just hang it in the room and let Dennis come back there and use that as his closet. I would keep clothes in the washer and dryer for days and days. (and end up rewashing, etc) I think it was partly due to the fact that I worked, and only had a day to take care of 3-4 or even 5-6 loads of laundry if I was washing towels, sheets, etc. and just despised the task. But, since I have been home during the day, I have learned another little trick.

Do the laundry, and keep up on it. Don't let more than two loads accumulate. So, now, I keep up on it, wash it, fold it/hang it and PUT IT AWAY.


The bottom line is:

The more that I keep up on, the less I want things to accumulate, which keeps my body busy during the day. Don't get me wrong, I am a lazier person by nature because I am not a "high energy" person, but I have to fight slumber and laziness ALL DAY LONG. It is incredibly tempting and enticing to just "sit for awhile" while the time in the day ticks away.

A child will add a little twist in my routine, but I am grateful that God has given me 9 months to be dedicated to homemaking solely so that I can learn a few things before adding an extra spoonful of busy-ness. It's been a peaceful BLISSFUL 9 months, and I am ready for the next chapter.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Dear Harper,


IMG_0063 You have been our sweet sweet puppy dog for the past 6 years. You have been loyal, loving, and at times, annoying and loud. We love you very much. But something really strange is about to happen to you. Even stranger than the time that we brought that cat home. Something much more special to us is going to be coming home with us. His name is Daniel. He will be more important than you, and you will have to learn to share us with him. We will probably forget to feed you for the better part of the week when he gets here. There might even be times when we choose to buy diapers for him instead of food for you. Don't be jealous.

IMG_0064You will probably be shoo'd away, fussed at, and disciplined for putting your dirty face in his face, or trying to get his attention with your sharp paws. Don't make that mistake, it will be the end of your life. Trust me. You have not met the REAL mother in me until you mess with my baby. I don't care if it is rooted out of curiosity and the lack of you knowing better because you are just a dog. Oh, and another thing, don't you dare open that yapper while he is sleeping. I don't care who might be in our driveway. You got this?!?!? IMG_0079

Also, this will probably be the last time I think about you long enough to make an entire post about you. I hope you enjoyed the attention you received while we took pictures of you. Remember that you are the DOG, not a human being. And while you are at it, quit rolling in the dirt. Your white fur is supposed to be WHITE, not a weird shade of orange, because it is entirely possible you may not get bathed again, either. :)


Mom & Dad

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ringing in 2011


Every other Friday night, Dennis and I engage in a small group to discuss the previous Sunday's sermon. It allows us an accountability and extra reinforcement to apply God's truth to our lives. Last night would have been our normal meeting time, so we gathered together anyway and celebrated bringing in 2011.

Unfortunately, half of our group could not join us. :(

We missed you Harris', Smith's, and Williams'! But it was fun to be with Erin & Nathan, Kristin and Darren, and Lisa and Aaron! :) Enjoy the pictures. I apologize in advance for the poor quality. We don't know how to work our new "handy" camera yet! :D


We played Catchphrase. The men stomped us!

IMG_0027 IMG_0031 

The girls got together for a picture. From L to R:

Lisa, Kristin, Me (and Daniel), and Erin. IMG_0033 

From L to R: Nathan, Aaron, Dennis, and Darren. IMG_0035 

We had lots of yummy food to snack on. I will say I snacked the ENTIRE time we were there pretty much. :) Daniel enjoyed all the good (and spicy) foods. IMG_0042 

We hope that you have a wonderful New Year. I cannot wait to start another year with my husband and unborn son and create more memories and grow perusing God's Holiness.

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