Friday, November 5, 2010

Sowder Family Photos

 Last Friday evening, I had the privilege of meeting for the first time, and photographing the Sowder Family!! Meet Steve & Tracie and their two boys. We went to Green Hill Park for this session and happened to find a tractor and a wagon with some hay on it. :) I was thrilled!!! :D So, we had a great evening together. They were super easy and a BEAUTIFUL group to take photos of. These boys were adorable to me. Thank You Sowder Family for allowing me to take photos of your beautiful family. (Those of you that know Scott & Shannon Maxey: this is Scott's sister!!)

IMG_6542 IMG_6549 IMG_6580 IMG_6600 IMG_6606 IMG_6614 IMG_6624 IMG_6661 IMG_6677 IMG_6684 IMG_6719 IMG_6748 IMG_6751 IMG_6820 

The above picture is MY FAVORITE of the boys!!! :)


IMG_6836 IMG_6846

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