Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Shower for Daniel- (#1)


I took this picture above because to me, it was such a beautiful sight. Those gifts in that van, is well, MY van, and MY gifts, for OUR little boy, that is going to travel to OUR house. WOW. It was so special to look at.


Thanks everyone for such a nice shower, and for such beautiful gifts….IMG_7453 IMG_7458 


The picture above is a basket full of Onesies. The guests were to decorate one for Daniel to wear. There were SOOO MANY beautiful ones that he will have (to throw up on!) IMG_7471 IMG_7473 

Chelsie and Jessica (my friends from Radford) came to this shower. I was so glad that they made the effort to come. It REALLY meant a lot to me that they were there. Chelsie made this onesie. I thought it was very good!!! :) Thanks girls for coming!


The expression on my face below cracked me up. This gift was from my mother and I was not sure what was in that basket, so maybe that was the reason for the funny face.

By the way, Thanks Jill for taking photos the whole afternoon! :) IMG_7486 IMG_7507 

We played lots of fun games. Some were funny, and some were very sentimental. It was a fun afternoon. Dennis and I are thankful beyond words that our son will have many of the things he will have because of our sweet family and friends. THANKS!!!!

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Aaron and Lisa said...

And we are all very excited about showering you and Daniel next weekend, too! So glad you got lots of cute, needed things. Have a great week!

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