Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas decorating! and… other things…

Dennis really wanted to put up his village this year, so I "let" him. I am not a huge village lover, but I do admit, I like the added touch in our living room.


As some of you know, each year Dennis and I purchase a new ornament from Hallmark to mark another year together. This particular ornament was especially appropriate this year because even though we don't have Daniel for 2010, I carried him for most of the year, and it did not seem right to just pretend like it was just us two, or that nothing in particularly special happened, and I did not think it was appropriate to give him his own ornament… so the ornament this year had paper inside to write down the special things that happened this year, so I was able to record this very special year! How special and sweet! :)IMG_8339 

These two ornaments below are our baby ornaments. We hope to find a beautiful boot for Daniel to match the tradition of his mother and father some 25-30 years earlier. :) IMG_8346 IMG_8347 

And the ornaments below are all the years that Dennis have been married. Each year is marked on the ornament. (except for the prince and Cinderella, they were 2008 because the ornament was not that great that year. . . and 2007 had TWO ornaments because that was the year that I became interested in cooking! I started with the toaster, I suppose! :)IMG_8364IMG_8350 IMG_8351 IMG_8352 IMG_8353 IMG_8354 

This was Allie's ornament. Our cat. We just found out today that Allie has run away from my mom's house and there is no sign of him since Wednesday. I am very sad, and was DEVASTATED to find out this sad news. :(


And………. finally……… an official 33 week belly photo! :)     IMG_8372 IMG_8377

I am so excited about the Christmas season, and cannot wait to finish Daniel's room in the next two weeks and get life ready for him to come on home! :)

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Lilly's Mom (Desiree) said...

You are an absolutely stunning pregnant mama! :) Beautiful. It suites you really well! Continuing to pray for you, Dennis & Baby Daniel.


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