Thursday, November 18, 2010

31 week Daniel Update



Hello Friends!!!

I went to the Dr. yesterday for another check up for me and kidney check for Daniel. His right kidney is completely normal and his left kidney still looks a little larger than the right BUT both are in the 'normal' range so I think that they are done checking them. So, this means the next time that I see our son, it will be on delivery day!!!!! :) So praise God that everything looks pretty healthy so far!!!!

He is 3 Ibs and 12 oz at this point, and expected to gain a half a pound a week from here until birth. I am guesstimating we will have a 7.5 pound baby boy! His body and head are now measuring where they should… (his poor little head was 2 weeks bigger than his body 4 weeks ago) So overall, he is in the 65th percentile for weight and height. We caught a good look at his feet, and I do believe that we have a little Maggi boy with TYPICAL Maggi feet. I AM NOT EXAGGERATING WHEN I SAY THAT THEY ARE SHAPED JUST LIKE DENNIS' FEET… IT'S CRAZY TO LOOK AT!

I am doing well, too. My blood pressure is still really great. My weight gain is at 9 pounds. (Although, I am starting to feel REALLY hungry a lot lately!!) As of today I am fighting off a bad cold. I am coughing a lot and that is causing an interruption in his sleep patterns the past two days. I think I finally having him awake during the day and sleeping at night……. :) This morning I actually watched my belly dance in a weird wave like motion. It was really neat. Normally, he will just pop me here, pop me there and then it is over, but today it was a nice amount of continual movement. I am starting to feel a little squished in my clothes now. Before I was pretty comfortable with relatively NO drama when it comes to getting dressed, but nowadays, shirts are riding up and pants are getting too tight. :) a good problem to have I suppose.

I am starting to get really excited about Christmas time coming. I am really enjoying and plan to enjoy this last little stretch of pregnancy during one of the most wonderful times of the year! I know that we are SOO excited to meet Daniel, but I know that I will miss this wonderful season of life of not worrying about 'getting pregnant.' Once he is here, and time passes, I am sure that we will revisit that season of life again, however long it may last of trying to get pregnant again. I pray that God would allow me to find ultimate peace and satisfaction in the blessing he is given even if it the only one. I am blessed beyond measure to carry this child, and I cannot wait to care for him daily. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.


Lilly's Mom (Desiree) said...

Continuing to pray for you,Dennis,and Daniel. :) praying for a safe delivery and a very healthy baby boy!

Laura said...

You are so right...Praise God! Hope you feel better soon. We need to do lunch very soon! Let's plan something after Thanksgiving.

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