Friday, September 17, 2010

Ward Family Photo Session

 The Ward Family trusted me to take pictures of their precious family!! We had a nice time. Here are a few of their photos. Enjoy!!!


IMG_3834 IMG_3850 IMG_3867 IMG_3871 IMG_3879 IMG_3888 IMG_3901 IMG_3905 IMG_3912 IMG_3930 IMG_3946 IMG_3951 IMG_3956 IMG_3974 (2) IMG_3986 IMG_4023 IMG_4045 IMG_4067 IMG_4112 

Thank You Ward Family!!!! :)


Beautiful Brokenness said...

Stinking awesome, Shannon!! They are so wonderful! Thank you!!

Laura said...

Shannon, what beautiful pictures of such a wonderful family. The Ward family is a blessing to all that know them. ;)

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