Saturday, September 4, 2010

The House that Built (My Mom)


Please press play on the video above and listen to the words to the song while you view these pictures. This song is WORD for WORD the  life that describes my Nanny and PawPaw… from the guitar playing, the dogs buried on the farm. It's really crazy. This song will be played at the funeral tomorrow.

As for the pictures, Dennis and I went there awhile back and took a lot of pictures of the farm. I wished that I could have gotten in but since they have left, my uncle William has kept everything locked up. So, I took pictures of a piece of the farm I never cared to explore because I was comfy in the kitchen with PawPaw.

Explanations of the pictures are under the picture that its describing.


This is the chicken coop where Nanny would get her eggs every day. They loved those chickens. One chicken would follow PawPaw every where he went. It was really sweet.


An old John Deere tractor I found up there.


This is an old wagon. I don't know if it has any significance.


This is their house. This is taken from the back of the farm looking toward the back porch. It felt like home once we reached this driveway.


Just love the beauty of the grown up plants brush. IMG_2389 

A silhouette of another old tractor.


This is the corner of the barn and the house. Love this place.


We found this old car back there in the grass. I don't even know who it belonged to.

IMG_2407 IMG_2417 

Tree. Beautiful.


This is my favorite favorite picture. If I had had enough light to take pictures of what was in here, it would have been awesome. . but I couldn't. PawPaw spent his days and nights here on this farm.




Another beautiful picture of inside the barn.


Tractor tire.


As Dennis and I were leaving, I caught this glimpse of the wheel barrow in the side rear view mirror. I loved it.


And the mailbox. This ginourmous mailbox held their mail for many many years. Nanny would take a walk every day to go get it.


this was some photos of the beautiful place. Thanks for taking a walk on our old farm with me.

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