Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Goodbye My AllieKitty, My friend, My allergies…


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When Dennis and I left for Florida at the end of August, we packed up Allie and took him to my moms. When we returned, we didn't pick him up because by that time, he was just then getting accustomed to life in his new environment, so we just thought a couple more days would be good. Well, its almost the end of September, and he is still there. We pretty much know that he will never be coming home… :( because I am allergic to him, and I am afraid that the baby will come home and be allergic to him, causing a sicker than we need newborn, OR…. Allie would not be kind to our new son.

Since my PawPaw died earlier this month, my Nanny has recently given some thought to taking Allie. We really think that this would be the perfect place ultimately. Nanny needs a companion!! I LOVE my kitty so much, and I miss him all the time, the home is just not the same without some of the silly rituals our cat brought to our lives. But, there is a time and a season for everything, and we think that visiting Allie would ultimately be a better fit for us. We know that some of you house guests will feel a little bit of a relief too. :)

So, for now……….. we are just stuck with this guy…………………..


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