Saturday, August 21, 2010

Our Vacation 2010

So we are finishing up our last evening of our vacation away from home tonight. I am blogging, packing up, cleaning, etc to get ready for our early morning departure for home. We had a very happening week. . . but I did not take a lot of photos.


We enjoyed this pool (above) just about every day. Dennis is such a great tanner. He didn't use sunscreen except on his head and he tanned right up. Me however, I was caked with Coppertone Kids SPF 50 the entire time. I ended getting a little color but nothing too impressive. I hope our little boy inherits Dennis' awesome skin.


We enjoyed a couples pedicure on Tuesday. He is secure in his man hood enough to admit it and not be embarrassed. In fact, he enjoys them far more than I do. Truth is, I hate spending money on things like that, but we NEEDED them more than we wanted them. :)


Then the next day we had massages. Again, I NEEDED it more than I WANTED it. I am just as happy sitting my the pool pretending like my hips are not aching. :)


Then today, we had the best little excursion. We spent then entire day at the pool and then we went on a stroll in the golf cart and found a little place to just pull off by the road and hide under this tree. It was peaceful and beautiful.



We even stopped for a couples picture. We are happy to be together in this picture. . . IMG_3776 

And before packing up our "picnic" I snapped this cute little picture of Dennis. We had a nice relaxing time away. Dennis gets to enjoy another week off of work. (At UPS that is..) but we have a lot of finishing touches to do on the house. We are very ready for this thing to be OVER. . . and we think that maybe mid-September we will have some sort of normalcy to look forward to.

You know, before our world flips around trying to prepare for the arrival of baby boy Maggi. :)

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Lilly's Mom (Desiree) said...

great pictures, thanks for sharing! Glad you guys had a good week away from home :) Clif loves pedicures too. lol

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