Thursday, August 26, 2010

With His Light's Photography Package Prices

  • Senior Portraits
  • Family Photo Sessions
  • Large group Photo Sessions
  • Engagement Photos

This is a list and description of prices that I have available. Please email at or give me a call at  (540) 529-9535 for questions or to book your photography date!


 Family Photo Session

  • $100.00 for one hour and 30 minutes. (sitting fee)
    • Up to 5 family members
  • includes CD with your edited images
  • $25.00 required order of photos through White House Custom Colour
  • 30 miles within my home or .20 per extra mile driven



 Large Family Photo Sessions

  • $150.00 for a two hour session (Family of 6-11)
  • Mileage added for destinations 30 miles or more from my home. (.20 per extra miles)
  • Includes 1 CD with Edited Photos
  • Each Individual Family must order photos ($25.00 minimum each)


Senior Portraits

  • $80.00 for one hour and 30 minutes (sitting fee)
  • includes CD with edited images
  • Required picture order.
  • 30 miles within my home or .20 per extra mile


Engagement Photos

  • $90.00 for a one hour and 30 minute session
  • included CD with edited images
  • Required picture order of $25.00 minimum.
  • 30 miles within my home or .20 per extra mile



Small Team Sports Team Photos

  • $85.00 sitting fee for a team with 13 or less ($8.00 for each additional child)
  • Basic Package includes:
    • One Team Photo 5x7
    • One Individual 5x7 and One Individual sheet of wallets (8 per sheet) 
      • For Three Photos is $18.00
  • Additional Sizes Available including Magnets and Buttons!!
  • Basic Package Purchase required before additional photos can be purchased.
  • Team parent has the ability to make their own packages for their team with appropriate price changes made.


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