Thursday, August 12, 2010


These are the latest pictures of our newest addition to the house.

The picture below is the view from the kitchen looking at part of the living room. If you have ever been to our house, our old laundry room was where the french doors are. From this photos standpoint, if you turned the camera to the right, you would go into our old bathroom (we installed a new entrance) and if you turn the camera to the right you will walk past the laundry room, into our new bedroom. (Where the carport used to be)


below is a picture of the laundry room closet. . . there will be doors here soon to keep that closed. IMG_3742 

Pic below is the picture of our future bedroom, the room you see next to the ladder is the bathroom, and inside the bathroom is the closet. IMG_3744 

Bathroom below. IMG_3749 

painting suppliesIMG_3752 IMG_3754 

my favorite part of the whole thing… the air conditioner, which as you can see is up a little high because we don't have the attic insulated yet. IMG_3759 

doors to be installed. IMG_3760

We are leaving for vacation this coming weekend and will be gone for a week, and then Dennis gets ANOTHER week of vacation when we get back. We are going to finish up loose ends, and hope to start on the deck. Getting close, should be just a couple more weeks before we can "move in"

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Jessica said...

looking good! I cannot wait to see it <3

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