Monday, August 30, 2010

…At Home…. Where I have longed to be.

Well, I'm home. I have been technically "at home" since May when I graduated from Radford. The game plan that Dennis and I agreed to was for me to be a stay at home wife, regardless of whether or not we were going to be parents. Well, 5 days after I was "home" as "just a stay at home wife" we found out that we could add "mother" to my "title" (in 9 months) Ecstatic!

Well, it's the end of August, and this would mark the period in which I would normally walk back into the doors of some kind of school, whether it was to continue classes for my own education or it was to further the education of students. Well, I am walking through the doors of my home, daily. I don't punch a time clock, I don't have deadlines, per say, but I am not working toward the approval of man…. or… well, the approval of my man, and his God; which suits me just fine. All of this to say, that I am praising God these days that I can find joy in a clean kitchen, home-made meals, and clean clothes. But I am sort of "missing" the feeling of being apart of something else. So, I have inserted this energy into helping other people set up and prepare for their students. (Pam & Kazia) It gives me my classroom fix, and then I can happily go home and well, clean my kitchen again, and praise the Lord that I don't have to return there because someone is making me. . . but only if I am feeling generous and energized. :)

So the future for us looks promising. I am so so thankful that God has given me the ability to be at home, raising our child(ren), cooking our meals, and being the sole educator of them as well. It's a big, weighty task and I am looking forward to being prepared by God to take on. He will equip me. I know it.


Thursday, August 26, 2010

With His Light's Photography Package Prices

  • Senior Portraits
  • Family Photo Sessions
  • Large group Photo Sessions
  • Engagement Photos

This is a list and description of prices that I have available. Please email at or give me a call at  (540) 529-9535 for questions or to book your photography date!


 Family Photo Session

  • $100.00 for one hour and 30 minutes. (sitting fee)
    • Up to 5 family members
  • includes CD with your edited images
  • $25.00 required order of photos through White House Custom Colour
  • 30 miles within my home or .20 per extra mile driven



 Large Family Photo Sessions

  • $150.00 for a two hour session (Family of 6-11)
  • Mileage added for destinations 30 miles or more from my home. (.20 per extra miles)
  • Includes 1 CD with Edited Photos
  • Each Individual Family must order photos ($25.00 minimum each)


Senior Portraits

  • $80.00 for one hour and 30 minutes (sitting fee)
  • includes CD with edited images
  • Required picture order.
  • 30 miles within my home or .20 per extra mile


Engagement Photos

  • $90.00 for a one hour and 30 minute session
  • included CD with edited images
  • Required picture order of $25.00 minimum.
  • 30 miles within my home or .20 per extra mile



Small Team Sports Team Photos

  • $85.00 sitting fee for a team with 13 or less ($8.00 for each additional child)
  • Basic Package includes:
    • One Team Photo 5x7
    • One Individual 5x7 and One Individual sheet of wallets (8 per sheet) 
      • For Three Photos is $18.00
  • Additional Sizes Available including Magnets and Buttons!!
  • Basic Package Purchase required before additional photos can be purchased.
  • Team parent has the ability to make their own packages for their team with appropriate price changes made.


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Our Vacation 2010

So we are finishing up our last evening of our vacation away from home tonight. I am blogging, packing up, cleaning, etc to get ready for our early morning departure for home. We had a very happening week. . . but I did not take a lot of photos.


We enjoyed this pool (above) just about every day. Dennis is such a great tanner. He didn't use sunscreen except on his head and he tanned right up. Me however, I was caked with Coppertone Kids SPF 50 the entire time. I ended getting a little color but nothing too impressive. I hope our little boy inherits Dennis' awesome skin.


We enjoyed a couples pedicure on Tuesday. He is secure in his man hood enough to admit it and not be embarrassed. In fact, he enjoys them far more than I do. Truth is, I hate spending money on things like that, but we NEEDED them more than we wanted them. :)


Then the next day we had massages. Again, I NEEDED it more than I WANTED it. I am just as happy sitting my the pool pretending like my hips are not aching. :)


Then today, we had the best little excursion. We spent then entire day at the pool and then we went on a stroll in the golf cart and found a little place to just pull off by the road and hide under this tree. It was peaceful and beautiful.



We even stopped for a couples picture. We are happy to be together in this picture. . . IMG_3776 

And before packing up our "picnic" I snapped this cute little picture of Dennis. We had a nice relaxing time away. Dennis gets to enjoy another week off of work. (At UPS that is..) but we have a lot of finishing touches to do on the house. We are very ready for this thing to be OVER. . . and we think that maybe mid-September we will have some sort of normalcy to look forward to.

You know, before our world flips around trying to prepare for the arrival of baby boy Maggi. :)

Saturday, August 14, 2010




We will be on our escape for 7 days. Will I blog? If I feel like it. Have a great week.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


These are the latest pictures of our newest addition to the house.

The picture below is the view from the kitchen looking at part of the living room. If you have ever been to our house, our old laundry room was where the french doors are. From this photos standpoint, if you turned the camera to the right, you would go into our old bathroom (we installed a new entrance) and if you turn the camera to the right you will walk past the laundry room, into our new bedroom. (Where the carport used to be)


below is a picture of the laundry room closet. . . there will be doors here soon to keep that closed. IMG_3742 

Pic below is the picture of our future bedroom, the room you see next to the ladder is the bathroom, and inside the bathroom is the closet. IMG_3744 

Bathroom below. IMG_3749 

painting suppliesIMG_3752 IMG_3754 

my favorite part of the whole thing… the air conditioner, which as you can see is up a little high because we don't have the attic insulated yet. IMG_3759 

doors to be installed. IMG_3760

We are leaving for vacation this coming weekend and will be gone for a week, and then Dennis gets ANOTHER week of vacation when we get back. We are going to finish up loose ends, and hope to start on the deck. Getting close, should be just a couple more weeks before we can "move in"

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

He's a thumb sucker.


So, as I was going back through the photos of him……….. I noticed that his little arm was so close to his face, and as I kept looking, I noticed that he is actually sucking his thumb!!! I did not notice while we were there. It is so sweet. I know that there a thousand opinions about thumb sucking. . . but hey!!! what can I do while he in there?!?! Nothing.

And…….. I was a thumb sucker. . . for the majority of my youth. So……… I'm not nearly as annoyed about it, at least his early days are starting out like his momma! :) Thought you would enjoy!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

It's a BOY~

 So, as I am sure that most of you have heard, it's a BOY! We had our appointment last week, and I am so so so happy to share these photos. Some of these are of the same shot of him, but I just couldn't resist sharing them all. As you can see, this is a picture of all of him. The squiggly lines is indicating his heart rate of 140 BPM.


This is showing his little male parts. I KNOW its hard to see, but use your imagination. Take my word for it, it's a boy! I was so shocked. I thought that we were having a girl. I didn't even realize how convinced I was until I saw his little majigger. I knew it immediately. BABY_4 

He was a little stubborn to get to flip around. She pretty much had to lay me back so far so he could flip over……BABY_5 

She was after this beautiful little shot. . .  his sweet profile. BABY_12 

She took his picture and he flipped immediately over. . BABY_16 BABY_17  BABY_20 BABY_22

I was a little worried at how boney he looks. I asked the tech if my lack of weight gain has kept him so skinny. She assured me that all look like this at this stage.

We had a great appointment. I asked the tech if she saw anything immediately alarming. . she said no, and assured me she would tell me if she did. We go back at the end of the month for our big anatomy appointment. .

16 weeks, still only one pound weight gain. I am partly relieved, and partly concerned, but I am assured by all that the weight will come! :)

Praise God for this blessing. I cannot wait to meet him!

Monday, August 2, 2010

A funny photo




to explain….

if you were not at my graduation dinner at Blue 5 last May…. you might be thinking that these are unusual people that I usually do not hang out with. :)

We were having dinner, and these oddly dressed people walked in. Dennis thought that it would be really funny to have them approach me for a picture. . .

so I hopped on this mans lap, snatched his hat, and we all took a great picture together. .

and notice Nathan in the top left corner grinning at this!

I did not think I had shared the photo.. so I wanted to.

Go ahead and cast your vote for what you think the baby is because on WEDNESDAY we are finding out. I am interested to see if the poll is right. :)

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