Monday, July 12, 2010

The Pierce Family Photos

 I had the absolute privilege of spending Saturday evening taking pictures of this sweet family. It was a blast! We had a great time. Enjoy the photos. :)

IMG_3236 IMG_3255 (2) IMG_3267 IMG_3297 IMG_3310 IMG_3363 IMG_3366 IMG_3399 IMG_3409 (2) IMG_3452 IMG_3487 IMG_3510 IMG_3519 (2) IMG_3566 IMG_3581 IMG_3593 (2) IMG_3598 IMG_3602 IMG_3663 IMG_3664

IMG_3265 IMG_3312 IMG_3325 IMG_3328 IMG_3340 IMG_3475 IMG_3495 IMG_3590 IMG_3647


Aaron and Lisa said...

these are AMAZING!!!! please do some for the fernandez family!! :)

Lilly's Mom (Desiree) said...

these are awesome, Shannon!! :) I can't believe how much these kids have grown since I saw them last. You've got talent...stick with it!

Anonymous said...

Shannon! These pictures are amazing! Thank you for helping us with our Cannon special project! You are so talented! :)

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