Monday, July 19, 2010

14th week update

Today we went to the doctor for our third visit. Dr. Kelly successfully found the heartbeat today. It was fast, and special. It is neat to hear. We are spoiled because we have been seeing our baby each time, but not this week!! :(  Thankful there was not a need, though.

Our next appointment is our 18th week, and then once we get back from vacation, two weeks later, we get to find out what we are having!!! I thought that we would just do it then, but the dr. informed me that our insurance wouldn't cover it until week 20. (??? whatever!!)

As for me, I am HAPPY to report that during my first trimester, I only gained one pound. I am pretty proud because we went through carnival season with this success!!! I was worried Salem Fair pizza and Buchanan carnival fries were going to keep me from staying the same weight. :) Dr. Kelly seems happy and pleased about my progress so far.

Maternity Clothes?!?!

Yes, sort of.  Kathleen has been SOOOO gracious and let me borrow some of her besties… and I am sooo thankful. She started out her pregnancy with Charlotte much smaller than I am now, so I won't be able to wear her clothes for too too long, but they are definitely bridging that odd gap for me. Thanks Kathleen!!!!!

Morning Sickness?

Mostly gone. It creeps back up sometimes late at night if I ate something too greasy, but mostly, its gone. I am so thankful, even though I was happy and thankful to be sick….

Other than that, I cannot think of anything else anyone might be wondering… just ask if I didn't cover it. :)

…… a good friend Desiree left a comment and asked about Dennis and my crazy hormones……. Thanks Desiree.. How can I forget about Dennis?!!?!?

Dennis is……. Dennis. lol. He is not really sure how to act I don't think. He has never had a pregnant wife, or been to prenatal visits, never seen a baby jump on a monitor, or hear a heartbeat through a Doppler. … so, this is all very new…. but I am sure that as we progress, he will feel more comfortable with this whole thing. And since, I have never experienced all these things either, I think it makes it easier for me because it is ME, that it is happening to.

pregnancy hormones???

I'm sensitive. It's not an all day event, it is just every now and then.. but boy, when something upsets me, it UPSETS me… but, probably, it has ALWAYS been that way……. so I don't know if we can technically call it "pregnancy" hormones.

but other than that, as far as I can tell……. that is about it.


Lilly's Mom (Desiree) said...

How is Dennis taking everything (and the pregnancy hormones!!!)???

ms. p said...

Wow! Only ONE pound?? Sorry to say...but the next 2 trimesters may be like 20 times the weight gain :) Glad you are almost over the morning sickness!

PS- I voted for a girl blueberry!

Jessica said...

Glad you are keeping me updated! I have said girl since the morning after you found out that you were pregnant. Hopefully - Dennis will get more comfortable with all this "newness" - as I'm sure he will. Love ya!

Laura said...

Hey Shannon, glad to hear all is well. I am so excited for you and Dennis and I can't wait to hear what you guys will be having.

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