Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Our little blueberrry!


baby maggi

I know, it has been like two weeks since I have blogged. It is pretty pitiful. I have a lot to talk about. First off though, I cannot ignore this picture. As you can see, this is our baby at the time measuring 6weeks6days. At this point, I am 9weeks 3days. So, since then, we have a much larger baby (1.5 inches) and with all its important features, (we hope).

I did end up getting "morning sickness" but more like, late evening sickness. But I am starting to ease up on it already. It has been a pretty enjoyable pregnancy. Our next appointment is June 25 at 2:00 p.m. to listen to the heartbeat. Since it is still the sensitive first trimester, I am still a little anxious, but I am confident that everything is going well in there. :)


Photography, photography, photography….

it is pretty much a thing of the past I think. I have lost my desire to take photos.. for extra money……. it is just not something I love anymore. So, the photography business is, well, closed down. lol. :) for now. Maybe once the baby gets here, or maybe once the second trimester gets here, and I have energy to stand up, I might revisit it. For now, though, the decision feels good.

Addition- -

As you all know, I hope, we are adding on a new bedroom, bathroom, closet, and living room to our house. It has been a long, grueling process, one I hope to have OVER in a few weeks. probably a month. We will be REALLY READY for the extra space when it's finished.

That is all for now. Will try not to be so hit and miss posting. Thanks for reading! :)


Ashely and Zach Harris said...

You are exactly right! Many playdates to come :) Glad everything is going well, Congrats!!!

Jessi Dawn said...

It was good to see you, Shannon! And I really love the picture of Blueberry. Oh, did you know that the name Mora beans little blueberry? http://www.babyhold.com/list/Spanish_Baby_Names/Mora/details/. Just FYI. ;)

Lilly's Mom (Desiree) said...

:) Love your new blog layout, and I am so glad that you are "plus one" now.
Will be praying for you as you go to your second appointment! GOOD LUCK!


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