Friday, May 28, 2010

Have some hypothetical water with me



So our tea times have to change…. As you know, tea has caffeine in it, so in honor of the little blueberry within, I have to take away the tea and substitute it for water. ..  some of you may remember some great tea times together….


Lots and lots of you have asked how I was feeling. I wanted to talk about it.

I have zero morning sickness, as far as actually… you know… throwing up…… but the car has been known to make me get a little queasy, and of course, not eating when I should. But it lasts only for a few minutes, and it is gone. I am thankful……………. but, worried I should be having more… but lots of people have said to relax!!

I am SOOOOO tired. . . but I am having the worst trouble sleeping. I toss and turn ALL NIGHT, I have this consistent feeling of being smothered- or something like that. I will like, blast out of covers convinced that I am like, suffocating. I get hot in the bed, but without covers, I am cold. There is no happy medium. I read the other day, thank goodness Crystal Lawson rescued me from that confusion…. but I read that pregnant people should sleep only on their left sides because it allows more oxygen and nutrients to get to your baby, and if you lay on your back, then it could actually cut off nutrients and oxygen…. SO…. on top of not sleeping anyway, last night I rolled around afraid to sleep long on my back, and tummy. Hopefully, soon, my common sense will return. (This does apply later on in pregnancy….. but I doubt I will tempted to sleep on my tummy, lol)

So, other than not sleeping well, but wanting to sleep all day long, that is the only amount of true discomfort that I am experiencing.

I thought that with this news of FINALLY being pregnant, that I would constantly walk around with a big ol' grin on my face, and want to just be all, foo-ey….. lol…….. but really, I am much more,-- brought -down- a -notch-- than I thought possible. Oh, its possible. I feel I have no personality……. it might return with some sleep.

Overall, I am still in major disbelief, and I might feel better once we see a heartbeat on the monitor on Wednesday. I am just concerned something is wrong. I know most first time mommas are concerned a little at this first appointment… and as confident as I felt that everyone else' appts would go just fine, with this one, I am a bit more, cautious and concerned.

I am having to cling close to God and his goodness to keep from getting too overwhelmed. No matter what happens, whether it is news I want or not, he is still Good, and perfect. I have to remember that often.

:) Thanks for the glass of…..water……. and thanks for all of your prayers.



Sarah said...

yay for water! thanks for blogging. We will be praying for a wonderful first appointment.

Lilly's Mom (Desiree) said...

:) I felt the same way before my first appointment. I'm sure everything will be fine. I'll be praying for the appointment, and that God would calm your heart and your nerves!

Crystal said...

Don't forget you almost hurled when you sniffed Charlotte's poo! Of course....we all almost lost our lunch on that one....hee hee.....Charlotte poo rocks!! ;)

And, about sleeping, I'm glad we got that cleared up!! Sleep however you find comfortable!! And how about a sheet....keeps you covered, but not heavy like a blanket.


ms. p said...

Good luck at your appointment, Shannon! I am praying for you and your little "blueberry"!


Laura said...

Still so excited for you and Dennis. Prepare for future morning/all day sickness that could arrive soon. I wouldn't worry about the sleeping on your back thing and low oxygen to the baby until later on, you should be ok for's when the baby gets bigger and presses on major vessels in your body. Keep updating us. Praying for you, don't worry. Our God is Greater!

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