Friday, May 28, 2010

Have some hypothetical water with me



So our tea times have to change…. As you know, tea has caffeine in it, so in honor of the little blueberry within, I have to take away the tea and substitute it for water. ..  some of you may remember some great tea times together….


Lots and lots of you have asked how I was feeling. I wanted to talk about it.

I have zero morning sickness, as far as actually… you know… throwing up…… but the car has been known to make me get a little queasy, and of course, not eating when I should. But it lasts only for a few minutes, and it is gone. I am thankful……………. but, worried I should be having more… but lots of people have said to relax!!

I am SOOOOO tired. . . but I am having the worst trouble sleeping. I toss and turn ALL NIGHT, I have this consistent feeling of being smothered- or something like that. I will like, blast out of covers convinced that I am like, suffocating. I get hot in the bed, but without covers, I am cold. There is no happy medium. I read the other day, thank goodness Crystal Lawson rescued me from that confusion…. but I read that pregnant people should sleep only on their left sides because it allows more oxygen and nutrients to get to your baby, and if you lay on your back, then it could actually cut off nutrients and oxygen…. SO…. on top of not sleeping anyway, last night I rolled around afraid to sleep long on my back, and tummy. Hopefully, soon, my common sense will return. (This does apply later on in pregnancy….. but I doubt I will tempted to sleep on my tummy, lol)

So, other than not sleeping well, but wanting to sleep all day long, that is the only amount of true discomfort that I am experiencing.

I thought that with this news of FINALLY being pregnant, that I would constantly walk around with a big ol' grin on my face, and want to just be all, foo-ey….. lol…….. but really, I am much more,-- brought -down- a -notch-- than I thought possible. Oh, its possible. I feel I have no personality……. it might return with some sleep.

Overall, I am still in major disbelief, and I might feel better once we see a heartbeat on the monitor on Wednesday. I am just concerned something is wrong. I know most first time mommas are concerned a little at this first appointment… and as confident as I felt that everyone else' appts would go just fine, with this one, I am a bit more, cautious and concerned.

I am having to cling close to God and his goodness to keep from getting too overwhelmed. No matter what happens, whether it is news I want or not, he is still Good, and perfect. I have to remember that often.

:) Thanks for the glass of…..water……. and thanks for all of your prayers.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sweet Baby photoshoot--

My friend Whitney gave me the privilege of photographing her little boys. I had a fun time, and was happy to do it.

IMG_1573 IMG_1579 IMG_1583 IMG_1585 IMG_1591 IMG_1607 IMG_1608 IMG_1633 IMG_1649  IMG_1698 IMG_1713 IMG_1735 IMG_1764 IMG_1813 IMG_1822 IMG_1834  IMG_1847 IMG_1856 IMG_1862 IMG_1879

Monday, May 24, 2010

Dear Dennis,



Dear Dennis,

I wanted to tell you that I Love You. I am so blessed by God to have you as a husband. It seems that I love you more and more every passing week. Knowing that we are going to share our life loving God, loving each other, and raising a family makes me so happy. Thank you for being patient, kind, and gracious with me lately. For cleaning up the dog poo, and the cat puke, and for letting me go to the bathroom first in the middle of the night. You are a good man, and I am so blessed to have you.



Sunday, May 16, 2010

This Child Is Not My Own…..


preg stick

It's true. A lot of you already know, but I cannot let this awesome celebration go untold, and undocumented on my blog. I've been asked so many questions, been given so many hugs, and have been surrounded in love and shared in gratitude towards God as we celebrate this miracle of life.

Honestly, I thought that this blog would go the rest of its days without ever holding this picture.. that is for others peoples' blogs. I never thought that I would get to feel the excitement of a positive pregnancy test, that was for other couples. But most of all, I never thought that, if I ever was blessed in such a way, I would feel  that this child was not my creation, or well, mine, at all.

This child is not my own. It's not my creation. It's not my doing. It's not Dennis' accomplishment. (Although, I am so proud of him, lol) but this is of God. None other. He has opened my womb, and finally seen fit for us to be parents. This child belongs to God. He has entrusted this baby to our care, for how ever long he sees fit.

We are so excited. We are so humbled by God as well. And wonderful as it feels knowing that we have a child of our "own" we will raise it as unto the Lord.

I cannot wait to see this beautiful child. I can't wait to see Dennis in the face of this baby. I can't wait to get up and nurse. I can't wait. But then again, all I have done for three years is, well, wait….. so I can wait, and I will wait. I will watch this baby grow for the next 8 months. . . and welcome him/her home sometime mid January! :)


…. For this Child I prayed, and the Lord has heard my prayers…. 1 Samuel 1:27


God is so faithful.


June 2 is our first appointment. Pray for a healthy baby, and that God would complete his work in my womb.

Love You All.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Tomorrow is the big day!



Although it may appear that I have avoided and abandoned my blog, I assure that I have just been very very very very busy!! All of that business has come to and, or well, will come to an end tomorrow evening.

I am finally graduating from college tomorrow! YAY!

I have so much to discuss, so many pictures to share, so many tea times ahead of us, and just lots to catch up on… but for tonight, and tomorrow, I will just enjoy the last day or so of this season of my life.. because when I wake on Sunday morning, life as I know it will be very different.


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