Monday, March 22, 2010

Dennis' first HOT post


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This is what I saw when I got home from work tonight. This is stuff you see on the news not  in your backyard. When the roof collapsed on the right side of the building a cat jumped out from the third floor and landed where the cars are. Pray for the families, we talked to one lady who lived on the bottom floor she had just moved in last week and didn't have renters insurance yet. This was my first blog post and it's a hot one. Dennis

Thursday, March 18, 2010




I love my husband.

I am also woman enough to admit that my love is pretty conditional, and its weak at times. I am also woman enough to admit that Dennis' love is also conditional and weak at times, too.

But lately. . . .

God has been busy at work.

He has created a new man for me to learn about and fall in love with, again.

He has been leading me in the direction that I should go, and I have been happy to follow. VERY happy to follow.

His service to me and our marriage has caused a very big change in my attitude, my sensitivity towards him, the way I respond to him, and has bridged a gap in our communication.

His care and love towards me causes me to trust him, and to feel secure in him. Our married life feels the way that it is supposed to feel in the confines of a Godly union. I am grateful and blessed to have him.

And I thought I would share.

Keep praying for Godliness to keep building in my husband.


Welcome Mat

 Quite a few weeks back, Dennis and I went to the Welcome Mat. Welcome Mat is a way for new members, or new attenders to meet our pastoral staff, and to get to know what West Salem is all about. We had a really nice time. The group was so small, so everyone could sit around the table, ask questions, share, and just fellowship. We were so glad to be able to go. And I apologize I am so SOOO slow getting it posted.

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tea again this month…..


Hey there! I still do exist, I am still alive, and I have not forgotten our tea times together.

And since I can drink tea again this month, we can do it really soon.

If you are lost with this post,

we are not expecting a baby this month. So I am free to "drink my hypothetical tea" with my friends on this blog! :)

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