Saturday, February 27, 2010

Photography Season



It's getting time again!

It seems that photography sessions insanely SLLOOOWWWW down when the winter months get here. But, I can sense the bitter winter cold is starting to end, and people are going to start wanting to get outside.

Well, as soon as I come out of my winter cave in the professional sense… which is May 8- (yay!) then I will be ready to be outside taking pictures of you! and your friends, and your family, and their friends and family, etc.

I am going to dive full in to this, and going to give it my very best. You have seen my work… and if you are needing a refresher course, I am getting my mini portfolio together as a reminder… but just give me time…

but I urge you to be thinking if you are in need of a family photoshoot. Maybe your kids need their photos taken. Maybe your son/daughter is graduating, maybe someone you know is getting engaged, etc. I am here!

Also, I've been known to do sports team photos. You could call me about that. Typically, I charge $50.00 for a one hour shoot. That includes your favorite photos edited, and on a CD for you.

I strongly suggest that when you get quality photos taken, that you don't send them to Walgreens for printing. I suggest you use the printing company that I use. I typically do not up-charge, I usually give you the price for the photos that it costs me. Which, let me say, is a huge benefit that you will not get with other photographers. There are advantages to hiring a new photographer who is seeking business!! And offering you QUALITY photos for a fraction of the typical price is my thank you for trusting me for your family photography needs.

So, all of this is to say, I am accepting appointments for photography jobs starting in May. Although, I would be very pleased to set up a time for you before then.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Reconciliation tis so sweet..



Have a seat, and read awhile.

If you know me, you know that I am a pretty "open" person. As open as possible. And when I am feeling like I love Dennis, I write about it, I draw "I <3 U Dennis" in the snow…. I even frame cards he has bought me.. I do love him. But the truth of the matter is, our marriage was not a threat to Satan until recently…. (because it was not glorifying God)

We got serious about pursuing holiness, and by coming together as a true union, like God intended for it to be, and ending this "fake" stuff. It comes down to: "pursue Christ with a white hot passion, or get off the court kind of thing" and by making the better choice………. we ticked off Satan a little bit.

In an effort to change myself and become like Christ, I have had to learn how to pray in a manner that exposes every ounce of sin I can find from my toenails to the dead ends of my hair. God has been faithful to wash away the junk of laziness, complacency,  and has given me a saved mind. Hallelujah! Yes??

It's evident to us what happened by the night we had last night at home. We got into a knock down, drag out, fight. (or is it… knock out, drag down?? Hmm) Over what? I don't even know now.. but whatever it was, made our home reflect something other than what I was describing above. I mean, I was not budging, he was not budging, and he was even in another room to sleep. I was furious. I called him a name!!!!!!! I knew the scripture, never let the sun go down on anger …..yea, yea. …….DIDN'T MATTER. I was NOT laying down on this. WAS NOT.



Because Satan tried to see to it that I woke up the next morning feeling inadequate, sinful, heartless, and not confident in the blood of Christ. He likes to whisper the lie that God will turn his face from me when I try to approach the throne with my requests.  That he would not love or care for me. That because I have acted so selfishly, that my communion with God does not exist.


Also, there is more to try to defeat.

If two people are continually coming to the Lord as a married couple on a nightly basis, it would make it nearly impossible to "fall." To have a day at work and not come to the Lord with thankfulness, and gratitude, asking for sin to be revealed, to storm the gates of heaven with the requests for the church… how awesome that would be for Satan.

So, nearly the moment we decided that our walk with the Lord and with each other would be stepped up…. dramatically…. the moment that we became just SICK and TIRED of this day in/day out routine void of the living God……Satan came QUICK to tempt, and manipulate….and try to destroy this wonderful union God put together. He would come to destroy our  nightly prayer routine, or my morning time with God… he could create all the condemnation within my heart to prevent me from doing it anytime soon. Who gets the glory if I were to fall for that?

Satan was sneaky… but not sneaky enough. We knew what was happening while it was happening. I luckily have a husband that will snuggle up to a cold heart (me) and say:

"Satan is trying to separate us , and we shouldn't let him."

and then the tears fell knowing full well that we were in the presence of the great manipulator. The master of lies and deceit. . the very enemy of God… but God was victorious in swooping us up into his arms and allow us to reconcile and rest in each others arms.

A mighty and faithful God I love and serve.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lesson Planning



These days……… this is what it looks like around here…….. that is, when I am planning for the week.

Everyone is asking how I like it. I like it. I like the fact that for the first time in two years of lesson planning, that I am finally writing them for a purpose. IMG_8860 

It is not always fun to sit down and do, especially with the amount of detail that is required for me being so "young" in the lesson planning stages…..IMG_8861

But it is DEFINTELY worth it because I KNOW that I have to teach it! And that makes this SO MUCH better. I chose to take over Science first. I am glad that I chose science because I teach the SAME lesson for two days before I move on to the next planned lesson. I have two classes of third grade. I am pretty interested in the subject matter, but it does require some brushing up on.


This week I take over Language Arts from my cooperating teachers' lesson plans. I like that subject too, but even that requires a little brushing up on.


But for today, I am simply still planning science. And I choose the most comfortable seat in the house to work in. :)


Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Book of Tea says……



You know what The Book Of Tea says?

It says that you must have tea at least once a week together. I think its been awhile since we had a good cup of tea. I have been contemplating switching to coffee, but I just cannot bring myself to do it.

So, what shall we talk about today?



Well, I was thinking about the role of a wife and then miraculously Lisa posted a blog post about washing  dishes here. And it really caused me to think and  eventually change my attitude about a couple of things.

First of all, I previously viewed washing dishes, making the bed, washing clothes, etc as a grueling never ending job that I will forever do. When I think about the fact that I will be making beds just so that they will get slept in again, washing dishes so that they can be eaten on again, vacuuming the floor just so more of Harper's hair will become embedded in it again, and then multiply  that by that 80 years, WEEKLY….. it would surely cause just about anyone to slip into a mini depression. 

It has to be done!

But just KNOWING that it HAS to be done does not always evoke quick feelings of gratitude and thankfulness and joy while completing these tasks.

And FOR ME…….

I feel I struggle with this even more because my husband truly loves and values and even worse, EXPECTS a well taken care of home. A clean place to lay his lunch box down, a non cluttered home to rest after a long days work.

Well, so do I for that matter… but someone has to do it. and I don't always want to.


God has given me the responsibility, with the help of my husband, to take care of this home. He has given us a place to live, and he has provided abundantly for our needs and I should take care of what he has given.

And again, simply knowing this does not always make me the happiest, most willing wife to do them.

But today, as I was dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning up, I tried to look at each room and take the most pride in the details. I even moved things around to give the room a different look. I tried to make this experience fun and enjoyable, and it was.

I am not saying my house looks completely different, but there is just some divine satisfaction that comes from clean smelling sheets, laundry put away, clean soft towels, vacuumed floors, clean toilets, all clothes hung up, and dishes in the cabinet…. and……..

Right now, nothing is undone and everything is set for the week. Yay.

Now, we just have to keep it that way!

Tea was yummy……….. thanks for stopping by!



My newest friend…..


Meet Allison. This is my newest most current friend. We got to know each other on Wednesday nights after choir practice over late dinner hang outs.

I think she is fabulous and funny…………

and I quote Allison from her facebook comment:

"Who in their right mind would resist this??"

Despite the photo, she is quite classy and sophisticated, and I have a feeling this will be great new friendship! :)

You can go read her blog here.

:) Happy Saturday all.


Thursday, February 18, 2010



My hubby left me and went here to work for a couple of days. I miss him. As for me, I caught a stomach bug and woke up early not feeling so well. I will be hanging out at home today! :(

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Will I?



I wonder if…. I  will see more snow falling outside tomorrow from my snuggly bed? I sure hope so.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine day 2010



Every year Dennis gets me a card and it almost always has a black and white photo of two little kids loving each other. I have always loved it and have always cherished it when he would get me those cards… I wonder if the card will get funnier and funnier the older we get…. like can you imagine 80 year old Dennis bringing 73 year old Shannon a card with two little kids  kissing each other??

and it is weird because every time I know it's time to get a card, I forget that he will get one like that, and I am surprised every time!!!! It's like a gift that never wears out!

Tonight we have dinner and movie plans. I am excited to spend alone time with him. :)


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

public affection……….



I displayed the greatest level of public affection…. I shoveled I "heart" you Dennis in our driveway!!

I love him and I wanted Salem to know…… and yea, him too!


Monday, February 8, 2010

Results Are In……


Looks like we can have more tea times together this time around… maybe I can make the non-caffeinated switch to lemonade another time.

If you are officially lost, read the bottom of my previous post. . . you will get it.

Or… you can just read this:

We get to go through Clomid Round #2!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

"That Time or This Time?"




I invite you to tea again. Of course, as always, it's hypothetical.. and we are not actually..drinking tea.. but I really enjoy it with you, and I hope that you do too.

In fact, this MAY be one of them weeks where we meet for tea a couple of times…

So let's get to tea-worthy conversation. reading.

IF you were in church with me today, you may have noticed I had a puffy, red, splotchy face from crying all morning. Some of you seem to have noticed just by looking at the back of me… and were already asking what was wrong before eye contact could even be made.. (thanks for asking!)… and I said that I was ok.. it was just a rough morning..

……. and it was……………

but should it have been?????

well, in a sane world of even flowed hormones, probably not.

…………but it was…………

so it matters…to me, and it has to matter to Dennis…… even if we wants to blame it on some crazy amount of hormones, or "that time" coming.

"that time" is a blessing, whether we want to believe it or not.

"that time" has to be medicine induced…we have to pay for it (how crazy!)

and "that time" may be upon us.. (sorry gentleman)

and if "that time" comes… that means we didn't conceive our first child "this time."

………………….and that is ok……………………………

but this morning I couldn't get dressed.. nothing was fitting, looking right, and I had a husband wanting to make it to church before it was over.. and he got a little, ahem, huffy.

and you know what?????

instead of an eye roll… or a brief explanation, or even hurrying up,


and I DID NOT STOP FOR 2 hours!!!


Although I despised feeling like a distraction to my sisters in Christ, I was glad to have the hormones flowin like the Niagara Falls… and my tears were flowin just the same!

I was thankful for "that time" possibly approaching.

and you know what?

even though "that time" means we didn't conceive "this time"; it means that we get another month to try with some inkling of hope…. and maybe next month there will be no "that time."

So some time this week we will be looking for "that time" to come, and I am preparing my heart for it. And when it comes, we may need to have tea again if I need to talk.

and if "that time" does not show up…. I may need to have lemonade with you instead of tea….. tea has caffeine in it!!!! (giggle giggle snort snort)


Saturday, February 6, 2010

flippin through…….

Flippin' through the channels, I found this… and it caused me a sudden unexpected feeling of excitement…..


and then as I looked at an actual BLUE sky with a few white clouds.. I felt even more lifted up………… (opposed to solid white here.. that makes me want to slip into a weeks coma..) IMG_8819 

I feel excited for racing season to start… it means its getting close to Spring and Summer….IMG_8822 

and I cannot believe that I am looking forward to it.

Thanks NASCAR broadcasting for the uplifting scenery… I think I might have some motivation to clean the house!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

He Orchestrated It So…



This morning was my first morning getting up to go to "work" all week because of snow.

I was not even sad because…. I won't be coming to school tomorrow either… why, you ask… because of SNOW of course!

And so while applying blush to my face this morning, I was grateful to God for orchestrating my life to allow me to actually enjoy snow.

LOTS of people hate it. I was wondering why…….

and this is what I came up with:

  • They hate it because they have to deal with it.
    • they have to push it
    • they have to drive in it no matter what
    • they have to shovel it
  • I don't hate it because I don't have to deal with it:
    • I don't push it
    • I don't have to drive in it
    • I don't have to shovel it

I DON'T have to do any of those things because GOD is great and orchestrated my days (so far) to allow me to look forward to it, and not dread it.

He did this by:

  • Giving me a home in Salem that has a GREAT road clearing system. I am only "snowed in" at best, half a morning. I am never really "stuck."
  • Giving me a "job" or "duty" that requires I report to a public school every morning that CLOSES school when snow comes so I don't have to get in my car…. everything stops when the white stuff falls.
  • Giving me a husband who LOVES to shovel snow.. with a shovel, and more specifically, with a lawn mower with an attached blade.

So yea, why would I hate snow??????

I don't know let me count the way, I didn't spend 2 hours at walmart trying to get prescriptions filled in 40 minute lines, and not being able to move your buggy because there is someone there, so you just close your eyes, push your buggy out, and hope you don't get t-boned by an old lady with efferdent and depends in her buggy, and then wait in line to check out for 30 more minutes..

I don't! I love it

Really, I do.

Wal-Mart can be avoided if I thought ahead.

Enjoy the snow coming!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Monday, February 1, 2010

Just a Game??

I guess I got cabin fever because of all the snow… and I invited my brother and Kyndall over to hang out and play monopoly! We had a TON of fun… Greg and I probably had not played that game together since we lived in the same house and hated each other. . . image

The first game we played we were nice… we let each other just "go ahead" without paying if they were a little low on cash, we would even let them go back and re-throw the dice if we hit too many "Go to JAIL" rolls…. but when Dennis got home and restarted the game, he played like a dirty dog… and we had to just face the fact that Christianity did NOT exist within the confines of a monopoly game… and after all, it was: "JUST A GAME…"

IMG_8785 IMG_8786 

You KNOW Mr. Canon (my camera) wanted to play…. but we told him to just stick to his expertise area.. and that is taking crystal clear pictures of tiny houses on monopoly property!!! :) IMG_8788 IMG_8790 

And if ONLY I could really have this much money in real life…. I'd be happy………… :) (NOT!)IMG_8793

If you care…….



If you'd care to have a cup of tea with me, I'd like to share with you some random thoughts with you. Let's just say that even though I write and record my life on this blog for you all to read and participate in, I do this mainly for me. Over the year and a half that I have faithfully updated to this blog, I have been able to go back and see how God has worked in our life. It reminds me of a song that we sang a couple weeks ago at church:

"All my changes have come from him, he who NEVER changes…"

and through the recording of days and seasons of this blog, I can go back through and see how he has been so mighty.

I am hoping to record much more life on here… such as new additions to our family, maybe an expansion of our home, graduation day coming up in May, and of course more photoshoots! I love blogging, but I love living this life even more. Even those weeks when not a lot is happening (on the blog), God is still actively present and comforting, faithful and true, mighty and supreme, and still our protector and anchor.

He has saved us from much, blessed us with much, and I am so thankful for this avenue in which you get to share in it with me.

Let's do tea together soon…

Fernandez Family Photos

 The Fernandez family asked for ONE family photo, and it took me two different times to get one… but while we were looking for the one perfect photo, I managed to snap a few good ones of their little girls: Vivian and Kate. :) Vivian is the oldest, and Kate is the baby sister. Lisa and Aaron are very special friends of ours.

Thanks Lisa & Aaron for allowing me to take photos of your precious little family.

Familyphotoattempt 012#2 IMG_8302 IMG_8316#2 IMG_8320 IMG_8351#2 IMG_8364#2 IMG_8585#2


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