Saturday, October 10, 2009

A busy photo-takin girl….

 I have been really busy!! It has been a nice kind of busy- amidst the school assignments and crazy schedule, that is, when I am not sick, I had some really neat opportunities! I took on taking some promotional shots for Lawrence Transportations new website, going there twice to get everything done for them.




 IMG_5683  IMG_5720   



Crystal Mitchell asked me if I would be interested in taking pictures for her daughters cheerleading squad. That turned out to be a pretty big deal, computer/printing company wise, but I am very thankful for the practice and opportunity.. even for the opportunity to make some extra money…to go on our anniversary get a-away in two weeks!! :)




Oh, Oh, and I almost forgot this adventure:

We went out to Green Hill Park and we took their Halloween Costume shoot.. I have been dying to post these pictures for two weeks, but I patiently waited for everyone to get their cards! :)

We had a nice afternoon there.. it was much more hectic than I anticipated, but I liked these cute kids in their Halloween outfits.. Jax (the lion) was NOT happy.. but it made him play his part well… :) The lion did cry a lot in the movie… ya know…. it was challenging to get everyone looking at me at the same time.. but I had fun.. thanks Kristen for the opportunity! :)

IMG_5314 IMG_5325 IMG_5330 IMG_5334 IMG_5360 IMG_5362 IMG_5368 IMG_5373 IMG_5383 IMG_5391 IMG_5420 IMG_5493 IMG_5520

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