Tuesday, October 27, 2009

God used to her in my life....

Although 700 Club is my LEAST favorite show on television, I saw this on facebook... and I knew this woman in this video.
This is my story.......

Dennis and I were in the first year of marriage.. and it was HARD. We were separated, and we were on the fast track to divorce.

Dennis asked me to go with him for a few days to Suffolk to visit some Godly friends, Larry and Tammy. I agreed to go. We stayed for a couple days there. One night, Tammy told me that she wanted all of us to to go out to dinner to a mexican restaurant with some friends: Karen and Ronnie. (the woman in this video)

After dinner, the other two couples were holding hands and being happy, Dennis and I walked about three feet apart... I was angry, he was unhappy, and I felt, hopeless.

As we were nearing the car, I started to cry. Karen was very abrupt with me and told me to get over it, that God wanted me to have a holy marriage, and I began to plead my case that Dennis was rough, angry, violent, and on an on........
She then told me a story very very similar to the one she tells in this video... and I cried harder, and harder... it was then that I think I knew that this marriage was salvageable...

I knew that after all that she had been through, that surely God could redeem this marriage... and he did, God was faithful.

So to see her on the 700 Club telling her testimony was such a great moment for me because I know that this woman is truly the woman that got through to a 20 year old, hard headed, cold hearted child scared in the midst of a bad bad marriage.

Thank you Karen!!

Miss my AlliKitty!


My mom has taken my cat for TWO WEEKS while I recover from pneumonia.

Yes, Yes, those of you that did not hear, I was in the hospital on our 4th anniversary… and found out that I have pneumonia. We had a hot date scheduled for Saturday night but we were not able to go because I have SLEEPING nonstop because of all the medicine I have been on… so we have that postponed to another day… that is when I was going to make the official Happy Anniversary post… but that is for a later day…..

but ANYWAY… my mom took the cat for an agreed upon TWO WEEKS until my lungs recovered. I MISS him terribly. He has been gone for 5 days.. adjusting nicely to the new circumstances there… but I just want to see him little face again.. and I really miss having my snuggle buggle sleeping buddy…… :)

I think I am going to go visit him really soon so he does not forget that he loves me best……

Gettin’ to be that time….

from old computer 1423

Do you all remember how much I love wood stoves? (can you detect the sarcasm in my voice??… if not, it is there for sure)

It is that time again. It is getting chilly outside.. and in an effort to reduce our monthly electric bill, my husband has made a way for our home to be heated.. with a wood stove.

You may remember some bloopers we have had over the years… if you want a refresher course.. you can visit here

We have yet another new stove this winter… and already I can smell the smell of winter in our bedroom. I dislike the smell of smoke on my clothes and in my hair, and in my blow dryer, and even in my blush brush. I am just now thinking that the smell of last winter has reduced down some.. but I guess it is time for another round! Sigh.

Maybe we can make it through the winter without a smoke out!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Lost treasure buried in the piles…



A post with WORDS and NO pictures!

I know that my posts have been getting progressively impersonal over the past few months. I am really sorry!

I was looking back through some old posts and there used to be a time that I would write about, well, THE MAGGI TWO, NOT.. One of the Maggi’s photography! :)

That is why I added the second part of the title to the blog, but, I realize that there a good handful of you more interested in what is happening in our lives than what I am taking pictures of…

So, I hope to get more into the personal stuff..

And lately the biggest thing going on around here is:

#1 I am sick, and have been sick since I stepped into Elementary School… (over a month)

#2 Dennis and I are getting ready to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary, and we have a HOT DATE scheduled for Saturday night!

#3 ok, there is no #3-

Not that much is happening, but it sure did feel good to type this post, and look……..

no pictures……..

just one?

ok, just text this time…

***but if you came looking for Greg’s wedding photos, just keep scrollin on down.. they are down there.. and be sure to use the archive to look at Septembers pictures! :)***

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