Wednesday, September 23, 2009

He asked very nicely…

As soon as I thought that my medicine was the only thing to blog about today.. I turned around and Alli was posing for the camera. :)

Since he has been going through separation anxiety he has really been appreciating his momma home. :)

IMG_4268 Alli was settling in for his afternoon nap.IMG_4271 All stretched out- He asked me if I wanted to take a nap with him today. I told him to find me wherever I ended up.IMG_4272 He said “pretty please!”IMG_4276 he even made his whiskers extra tall for me….IMG_4277 But I told him I had some time before my first dose kicked in. IMG_4280 He said he would be in the same spot waiting on me….IMG_4282

So far, he has stayed true to his word. He is still waiting on me to join him for his afternoon nap.

Ahh, life without my kitty, I can’t imagine.

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