Thursday, September 3, 2009

Guess Who?


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Guess who has a seriously BAD case of separation anxiety???


It turns out that our animals have “grieved” and “rebelled” that I have been gone all day.

Harper pooped in the floor, right in the middle of the kitchen, on the very first day….  now he is fine!

Allie however has been acting incredibly clingy!

When I come home normally he is on top of the recliner… lately, HE LIVES on top or near my dirty laundry….

and today, I found him in my purse! I went to pick it up, and it was heavy… when I looked inside, I seen my allie kitty…. nice and comfy….. in the glory of my scent!


I feel a little……special…. that they are acting this way!

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Lana and Keith said...

your kids are nuts man..

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