Sunday, August 16, 2009

Parks Wedding

Today we went to see Shane & Katelyn exchange their vows before God to be joined together in marriage.

IMG_1832 From where I was sitting, my view was greatly limited, and as dark as the sanctuary was, I was actually quite surprised with how bright these photos are. . I would not rank this up with my best work, but photography did not bring me to the wedding. . :)

IMG_1866 I love this photo- It is almost as if it symbolizes the very nature of our church…  IMG_1876 The quality of this photo is not the best, but the content is why it is on here. I do not know what is funny, but whatever it was, caused laughter among these three…IMG_1880 And My favorite, hands down, no question!!! I LOVE the look on Nicks face as these two kiss- have you ever noticed that most pastors look down and let the uncomfortable moment pass, but no, not our pastor! IMG_1881 I love weddings!IMG_1888 IMG_1908 The reception was very nice! IMG_1928

It reminded me again of the covenant I took with Dennis nearly 4 years ago! I think that our covenant means more now than it meant when we took it.

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