Monday, August 10, 2009

More Photos from Vacation


I did not have a chance to include some more of the photos from our vacation.. so I thought that I would share our last day with you. IMG_1588We rode together to the square in a golf cart.  IMG_1589 IMG_1591Even still we think its a pretty amazing thing, the way this “retirement” community is set up.  IMG_1601Dennis thought that it would be a good idea to take a picture of the little golf cart tunnel…. IMG_1604 we thought that it was cool that as were going underneath, a golf cart came straight across.. it was not planned….IMG_1611 Dennis loves this little restaurant there, that is where he gets his black and white cookies! So, we parked the golf cart, and we had dinner. IMG_1614 I love this lighthouse- there is a restaurant right near it that sounds pretty fun! IMG_1629 As I was taking pictures of this sunset, I noticed that I had a nice silhouette of these people! I walked up to them and got their email address so I could email it to them! IMG_1637 IMG_1639  IMG_1650 We had a nice time, and I am glad to be home. Really really glad. IMG_1659



Aaron and Lisa said...

cool pictures are really getting good with that thing!

aaron f.

Anonymous said...

Here's my 2 cents, and just as a warning I am going to get all photographical on you, so if you don't care anything about photography, then stop reading this now. :)
I really like the first golf cart image! The use of the tunnel as a frame and placing the cart right on the upper-left third with some space in front of it makes the shot for me.
The lighthouse image is another really good one. The dock makes a nice leading line right out to the lighthouse, which is again made the focal point using the rule of thirds.
The next one, which I think is a sunrise, but it might be a sunset, is another favorite. Those nice silhouettes make the water, sun, and sky really stand out. Great job!

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