Sunday, August 2, 2009


We left our driveway at 7:30 a.m. and then stopped in Christiansburg for breakfast, which is only about 20 minutes south. Around 8:30- we hopped back in the car and started on our long journey to Florida. Our next stop was in Georgia, for gas and lunch around 2:00ish. We crossed the Florida state line around 3:30- and pulled in driveway at 6:30. It was an awesome trip, free of crazy drivers, and no traffic. It was good. Glad to be here.

Today, we are just hanging out here relaxing and cat napping, then tomorrow, Dennis and I have plans to be sitting on Clearwater Beach by morning to mid afternoon, check in our hotel tomorrow evening, and then have a nice dinner, a go back out on the beach Tuesday morning.

It’s going to be a nice time away.

So nice, I won’t even think about how bummed I am that I did not pass my Praxis Exam. I may give it another try when I get back from vacation, but I am not holding my breathe that I will pass. I may be saying this too prematurely, but I am not confident that teaching is what God has orchestrated for my life, at least not in an official job in an elementary school… maybe at home with little ones, eventually! ;)

Have a wonderful Sunday- and will update in a couple days about how our trip is going!!!IMG_0395  I am NOT missing your aweet faces, Allie & Harper!!!! :)IMG_0389


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