Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Clearwater Beach.. and time together.


Hey there friends & family- - Just an update on our vacation… its great, fun, beautiful, relaxing, and nice to be away!IMG_1189

 We arrived in Clearwater Beach, Florida on Monday morning. We got a hotel room early, and spent the next two days at the beach! It is an awesome beach! It’s clear, and the best thing of all is that the water is very very calm. You can get in the ocean on a float and bring a drink and never get hit by a wave. IMG_1197 On our way……….IMG_1214 When we got settled on the beach, we discovered that we had a little visitor. . . IMG_1225 I was very very careful with Mr. Canon. He was a little timid to come out with all the sand, but I promised that I would protect his crevices from all the gritty sand, and he agreed to come out and check out the scenery. He loved it, and hardly wanted to nap!!! ;)IMG_1231 IMG_1262 IMG_1278 IMG_1290 This was taken right outside of the hotel we are in!!! I mean, right outside of the pool area, it was beautiful. . (obviously)IMG_1298 IMG_1310 IMG_1324 IMG_1342 my toes…….IMG_1349 These girls were dumping sand ALL over them. IMG_1363 IMG_1380

I love this picture of this woman!!! I WISH that the woman in the water behind her was not there. . but she was, and I need to learn how to delete people…. but I love it.





Ok, this woman would DIE I am sure if she knew that she appeared on The Maggi Two blog, but, I had to post it because the hot air balloon was just so crystal clear… I had to post it. . .  :)


I thought of Lisa Fernandez when I saw this…. that would have been so sweet of Aaron to drive all the way to Clearwater to leave this message for her. :) Still holding out on delivering that baby for me, Lisa??????


We had a WONDERFUL evening together. We had a nice dinner, and then we walked around to get me another bathing suit, and then we changed back into our swimming suits and spent the new coupe hours swimming in the bath like swimming pool!!! It was so warm, the water did not really aid that much in cooling off!!!


This was a pile of seashells that was sitting on the ledge. . I should have picked them up and brought one to mom, but I found a couple of my own to give her. Shhhh, don’t tell her!!!








Ok, so I have a few “duplicates” because I like them so much that I could not decide what my favorites were. So, you pick yours and let me know!! ;) 


IMG_1478  IMG_1492

IMG_1481  IMG_1504  These, two- I could not figure out my favorites. . . I actually played with my camera a little here. . the sunset is actually a bit/a lot brighter, but I messed with a couple settings to get this orangey, warm sunset.



We had so so so much fun. We are back in the villages, and we have plans to go to Orlando tomorrow, and then spend the rest of the week in The Villages. . So, we have nice little tans burns from the SPF 30 UNDER the umbrella!! (Well, atleast I do)

More later, Thanks for checking in!! 



Laura said...

We want to see pictures of the photographer!!!!

Anonymous said...

Alright, so, here's my thoughts. All from the mind of an "amateur" photographer, if you can call me that at all. You have quite a few good shots, so congratulations on that! And I might go through more once I can sit down and really look into it, so look for that!

One thing that I've noticed, though, is that you really REALLY seem to like angling the camera. That works for some shots, but you have quite a few (on this post especially) that would look just as good, if not better, by leaving the angle straight on. It's cool to do every now and then, but unless you're going to make your entire career doing angled photography, it can be a bit repetitive.

But, as I said, a lot of your shots are great. Keep practicing!

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