Thursday, July 30, 2009

Where I come from…..

On Thursday I went to Buchanan to see my good friend, Lindsey. After that, I went to see my dad and Sheila- As you can tell from my earlier post, Ive been feeling kind of reflective, I had a hard time not reflecting on my childhood, as I drove out my old 1 mile long driveway.

IMG_1038 This view below is the view from the last half of my old driveway driving out to the main road- its beautiful.. and as a young gal, I don’t think that I ever appreciated it. I thought everywhere was this beautiful. IMG_1071 IMG_1073 IMG_1078 This is straight down the driveway on the way to the where the school bus picked us up for school. IMG_1084  IMG_1089 IMG_1090 They’ve built this house since I’ve moved away. IMG_1092

 IMG_1100 IMG_1105 IMG_1109 I love this, it looks old, doesn’t it? It’s not, I took it on my drive out. IMG_1111 IMG_1117 IMG_1119 Along this fence is the main road. . . we would look here for the bus to come. ;)IMG_1120 IMG_1122 IMG_1126 IMG_1131 IMG_1132

I liked my trip down memory lane, and I hope you enjoyed it too. :)

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