Monday, July 13, 2009

Vacation Bible School 2009



It is that time of the year, AGAIN! Man, the year just flies by before we are back at this week long adventure once again!!

This year our church wrote our very own vacation bible school, and it is VERY VERY cool-

You can join in the fun if your child(ren) are going into kindergarten through rising fifth grade.

I would be glad to help with transportation, etc. if you want them to come- So let me know!!  Enjoy Sunday & Monday evening pitures.

IMG_9285 IMG_9290 IMG_9291  IMG_9293IMG_9299 IMG_9301 IMG_9310 IMG_9331 IMG_9341 IMG_9349 IMG_9368 IMG_9376 IMG_9403 IMG_9410 IMG_9420 IMG_9422 IMG_9428 IMG_9437 IMG_9449 IMG_9451 IMG_9467 IMG_9503


IMG_9552 IMG_9569 IMG_9570 IMG_9578 IMG_9584 IMG_9592 IMG_9611 IMG_9618 IMG_9623 IMG_9627 IMG_9632 IMG_9671 IMG_9672


           IMG_9682 IMG_9686

IMG_9691 IMG_9697 IMG_9698 IMG_9712

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Aaron and Lisa said...

those are great pictures of everyone! looking at them makes me sad we missed it :) but now i feel like i know a little bit about what went on! thanks for sharing...

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