Thursday, July 23, 2009

Some Food, Fotos, and fupdates… :)

I know this looks weird… but I want to plead with you… that it is good….. if you like….. Honey wheat bread, original Hummus with fresh cilantro chopped in it, with two slices of tomato, a slice of American cheese, and mushrooms and cucumbers dipped in Greek salad dressing. Served with Lowfat large curd cottage cheese with chopped up strawberries, and blueberries. It was good-

IMG_0921 tonight, I was itching to hold Mr. Canon again after a long week of togetherness last week. I gave him a long nap- and today he came out for some sunshine!!

I have majorly neglected my regular lens. . (18-55mm) for my big guy- - the 50-250mm lens.

I have learned that my little man- - ((lets call him: “little guy”)) does some pretty neat things that I didn’t know about. :) (thanks, Nathan)

Let’s talk about Nathan for a minute. Nathan is a great teacher- - and I must admit that he does ALL the research- and he tells me things he has learned- - and then I get the verbal tutor and Mr. Canon and I with either Big Man- or little guy- - go out and try it out-

so those of you that compliment me, I must point to Nathan for the great research because I would seriously not know how to change lenses if it was not for him- so, thank you Nathan- I REALLY appreciate it.

Anyway- - back to business….

speaking of business- - I think that I am going to pursue this- (if you have not noticed by the “logo” at the top of the blog- - and some talk here and there about a website- and some late night wonderings about how I can pull this off..)

Oh- - you wanted pictures!! (that’s right)

IMG_0933 By the way- - I am taking my PRAXIS I exam for the FINAL TIME- on July 31. Most of you know this, but I have one more try, and if I do not pass, they do not let me continue on.. which means my last year of college will be delayed a semester or even a whole year.. :(

If I DO pass, then I will start blocking (pretty much have the involvement in a school, acting as student(still taking normal RU classes) and elementary school teacher…. and then student teach in the Spring, which is pretty much a teaching job I do not get paid to do, and then graduate in the Spring with my teaching license with a degree. WOO-HOO! IMG_0935

I am really really hoping to go ahead and get this last year behind me, and honestly, I am super curious if I will actually like teaching more than I anticipate I will. An element of this is exciting because it is new, and fresh- another element of this makes me anxious BECAUSE IT IS new and fresh- - And I dislike NEW & FRESH- - most of the time.


But no worries, I am preparing for this test on Friday, and I trust that a itsy bitsy ol’ standard state board exam cannot stand in God’s way- - of his will for my life. And I feel blessed that no matter what happens…. the anxiety that comes from knowing that a lifetime future is in the hands of one test- - is nothing to really get upset over—none of this is a surprise to God….

and even more than that- - it is not as if I was exclusively created for teaching 30 snot nosed kids, photographing someone else’ snot nosed kid…. but wiping the noses of my own snot nosed kids… and loving my husband. .

that is my ultimate calling, my ultimate, most precious, weightiest responsibility….


Right here at home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

God Bless!

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Brit said...

just wanted to say that food looks pretty good...and i'll come over and eat that any day!

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