Thursday, July 16, 2009

School Days….

 I have had this camera for only 6 months- and I have hardly documented a huge part of my life. I go to school just about every day and have been busy at this for over a year. And so today I thought I would take Mr. Canon along for the “other” very big part of my day.

IMG_0327 I have made some good friends while in school. Relationships that I am sure will exist in some fashion or another over the years. This is Jessica- we call each other our twin because we are so much a like! It’s actually very weird. IMG_0328 In this physics/chemistry class that we are in these hot summer early mornings, we do two experiments a day. . . IMG_0330 My teacher Sarah- IMG_0333 mixing gelatin in which other fruits to test the enzymes! :)IMG_0339 IMG_0342 Jessica wanted some new facebook pictures. . . here ya go, Jess. :)

Look at this bottom picture VERY closely.


In the chemistry part of our class we have been talking about bonds. the colorful thing you see is a carbon hydrogen bond that I created with gumballs and toothpicks….

and as a side note, my teacher went on to say that:


and I could not agree with her more…

Because TODAY, 5 years ago:

July 16, 2004.. Dennis asked me to be his wife.

from old computer 752

It was such a sweet memory this day 5 years ago. :)

from old computer 748

This view from The Empire State Building was amazing. . . and I was so proud to be his fiance!!

from old computer 749 from old computer 745


We have had an interesting life, and an odd story to tell…. but I cannot agree more, that a marriage with three bonds cannot be broken. God truly redeems, and restores to the uttermost. I love you- and Happy Engagement Anniversary!!!


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