Monday, July 6, 2009

A new thing around here….



Ok! So there is some new things going on around here! And this really is not that big of a deal… but to bring it up in conversation is odd and there are not many opportunities, but its kind of a big enough deal to just never really ever mention.. so I thought the least awkward way would be to announce through blog land- I mean…. Our truly true friends read this.. anyway! Right? Right!!!

Dennis and  I will not be eating meat. ( or… well….all the time, every meal, every day, or even every week….)

Dennis is kind of on the fence. I think if there is free meat available, he will eat it, I think if there is really good meat on a sandwich, he will eat it… and even at restaurants, I think he will eat it. AND THAT IS FINE….. and even if he REALLY wanted it at home, I’d make it, but he SAYS that he will be OK with whatever I am cooking!

Am I calling ourselves “vegetarians”?  No! Because that sounds a little tree huggerish, and sort of granola- and a little extreme, and a little hippy-ish but essentially, yes…. I guess we are  I am .. BUT not really “true hard core vegetarians” because I will be having a chunk of chicken every now and again, or a bite of rib-eye steak.. when available… there will be some cheating going on.

Cheating is not even a really good word.. who/what am I cheating? No one! Nothing! I am just eating a chunk of chicken. No big deal.

You might be wondering… WHY………??

Well…. I guess I look at it like this: Where did they get this hot dog out of the pig?


Yea,.. see… no where… hot dogs are man made- created through a process- and to me, even as good as they are, for some strange reason lately has been rubbing me wrong… NOT THAT IT SHOULD RUB YOU WRONG… Please, Please, enjoy hotdogs to the fullest-

I like them and will miss them- - sort of--- and I guess I can kiss these 4th of July traditions good bye…..



You see…. I like meat. I see nothing wrong with eating meat. This is not about preserving the cows (they have all day to get it on.. there is certainly not a shortage)…. or animal cruelty, it is not about a personal conviction from God, (although I believe he has helped me make this decision for the good of my health and weight)..


But it is about eating things that HE made… that are healthy for me. Yes, he made the cows… let’s not get sarcastic here… BUT he didn’t process the animal, put steroids and hormones in them…

(and these things did not bother me before… )until recently…. and I believe that I will feel 1,000 times better about my health if I limit what I eat hopefully to its most natural state.


Things like squash, and peppers, and onions and cucumber and zucchini, etc.


The fact of the matter is: I am 60 pounds heavier than I should be. This is a true fact, this is not 60 pounds heavier than my dream weight, this is 60 pounds heavier than my doctor would like to see me at. This 60 pounds is causing crazy things to happen in my body that I can’t afford to pay for in 30 years, maybe even 20. So……

the best HEALTH decision I can make, is to put things in my body that God made, that man has not tampered with… (yes, I know about the things they do to fruit and veggies.. but I cannot save the world here, people)


So, while Dennis will be enjoying the pineapple and even meat often times… I will be making decisions for me that will benefit me in the long run……. (maybe losing weight will increase our chances of getting pregnant!!!!)


And please, don’t worry, I will be enjoying this from time to time….


A maybe a pinch of this turkey on Christmas- -

from old computer 1669 

and DO NOT worry about having us over to your house, we will eat whatever you provide. .  we are not going to go nuts about this…. and don’t worry about coming to our house.. I am not going to insist you eat Tofu or hummus!!! :)

And while you are at it…….. just scroll back through these pictures, and tell me what foods look the most appetizing and colorful…… :)

It’s more fun to eat too- -

Again…. it is NOT a big deal. (despite the longest post ever explanation) I just wanted to fill you all in… AND if you have any vegetarian dishes that you LO-OVE.. then PLEASE comment them under my post!

And please remember that we are starting slow, weaning off of meat. (Yesterday was my first WHOLE day without ANY meat in my diet whatsoever!!) So, if you see us for awhile eating it, don’t assume we have given up on it, we are just…..transitioning……..

(and No hate comments, please… I know the idea that I will have a lack of iron and protein will just throw some of you over the edge, but, know this…. I am meeting with my doctor and we will be sure this is not an issue… so… calm down!!)

:) Happy Eating!

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