Saturday, July 11, 2009


My brother was goofing off, posing for the camera!! these are NOT my ideas! :)










I guess maybe the post that I posted about taking pictures might need a little extra attention as I have spoken with many of you about it.

First off, I can take anyone’s pictures, family, friends, dogs, etc. I take the pictures for a $50 fee. I can take senior portraits, engagement pictures, or “Save the Date” photos as I did for my brother and his wife to be. I can take pictures at a family gathering, maybe a day at the pool, posed or unposed. I will try anything.

I have looked at lots of sites, and I found a site that Nathan Carroll referred me to that a professional photographer uses to develop prints, I have checked them out and am very impressed from what I have read. Their prices are pretty reasonable as well. I am currently in the process of joining their lab. I can offer anything you would want in pictures through this lab, its pretty neat!!

As mentioned before, I can get the photos on a CD- that you can use at your discretion for a little extra. if you want an extra CD for family and friends, I can do that too-

The reason I am doing this is to help build a portfolio for possible future endeavors. Also, my equipment is not as sophisticated as other photographers, and I am very inexperienced, that is why I can do this so cheaply- (I want more experience and I would like a couple upgrades eventually) and I hope that I can work up little by little to get better equipment.

I really enjoy doing this, and I hope that it will one day be a way to make a little extra money.

I am thinking of naming it: “With HIS Light Photography”

That is, if I can make this my profession one day.

You might be wondering about Radford, what about that, I am continuing on with it, and I have 3 points to gain by August before I can continue on. MY aim is to do whatever necessary to gain a degree, but it does not mean that is what I will be doing, but again, I could be.. who knows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but no matter what, I hope to always take pictures! I would love to take pictures for your family. Please get with me to schedule a date because life gets very very very busy for me at the end of August!!

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